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May 13, 2012


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Rebecca, what a beautiful gift to all mothers out there.Thank you for sharing.


Your tribute to your mother is lovingly beautiful and all so true...I enjoyed the part about the "tenacity and grit!"

Now get out there in your garden..or paint to your heart's content, on this most glorious of Mother's Days!


This is beautiful for mothers day, thank you.


Courage and a Voice..Arms outstretched in a world where there were no differences...the desire to care in small extraordinary ways about the outcome of humanity. I don't believe that there are any greater gifts than these my dear friend. These are elements of the soul that you share with your own child and your friends as well. Thank you for who you are.
Much Love,

The Rosary Lady

I love the photograph, it is absolutely precious!

Carol (artmusedog)

Wonderful tribute to you beautiful mother and mothers everywhere ~ another awesome photo ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Oh, she must be so blessed by your words. Such wonderful gifts. Happy Mother's Day to you!


So many gifts our Mothers gave us.... comfort in a needle and thread resonates with me now. My daughters,DIL,and I are making baby quilts for 2 grandbabies due this summer. Quilting is something my Mother taught me that I can pass along.
Beautiful post Rebecca. Happy Mothers Day to you with LOVE.

Laurie Zuckerman

It hasn't been paradise here these past few days of cold, wind, and rain. Still, it has been paradise for me to have this opportunity to paint an old upright piano for the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places. My mother, who is no longer with us, used to play a beautiful Rhapsody in Blue on the piano. If I didn't already have a title for my piano, I would name it after Gershwin's famously melodic song. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!


This is so very lovely & tender, Rebecca... I've been thinking of my Mother so much, and will be so happy to see her next week. She gave me so many gift, but the greatest is a loving heart, wide open to give, and receive. :o) LOVE to you, my friend ((HUGS))

Rambling Woods

this is lovely...Michelle


she also gave you wings to spread over this wide world, wings that encompass the hearts and souls of those willing and open to hear your beautiful wise words. rebecca, you are a gift. thanking you for this post today. xxo

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