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May 18, 2012


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Anthony North

Beautiful words.


A garden is certainly a beautiful place for dreams to linger in.


As so often happens when I visit your blog, my heart relaxes and opens.... and I move from your garden into my own...

Carol (artmusedog)

Love the photograph ~ and haiku is splendid ~ filled with love ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^ ~ have a magical weekend ^_^


What a beautiful Japanese image and your haiku goes so well with it Rebecca! Thanks for bringing us together again this Friday! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I find those lingering dreams to be luscious indeed!


"embrace the barest essence of expression"...that is one of the best descriptions of haiku! LOVE the art/image today too...pairs so well with your own poetry. Happy Weekend, Rebecca! We're heading to the USA on Monday to visit my family for some days. Online time will be limited, but I hope to be around. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

deb taylor

once again I am embodied with your passion for the written word. Every Friday. Everyday. Loving you from afar.


Such beauty, touching us all on this most splendid Friday morning...

Absolutely love the painting, and the haiku is beautiful....Thanx for hosting this venue.....

peggy gatto

Amazing how such few words make a story!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Before I begin my activities for this gorgeous So Cal day, I checked in with you and was inspired to join in. Thank you so much for your words and your photo and for gathering us in a safe, creative space to share with one another.


so much love that embraces you here in your blog garden. xxo


My first time linking here..I didn't see a prompt word so entered my latest haiku..your blog is lovelyk..


Trying to shine in your will come xoxo

Rambling Woods

If I ever write one..I will join in...Michelle

Queenie Believe

Oooo this is definitely one of my favorites of your poems!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Such passion here.


"dreams linger in the garden"...That's where I do a lot of my dreaming.


Very sensual. What a haiku to come home to on a Friday.


Asni /A Walk In My Heart

Love the painting and your haiku. Have a great weekend!



A rose in bloom.
Promises are kept.

Betty Manousos

love, love your photo and haiku.

thanks for the inspiration, rebecca.


Peg Englishman

I love your beautiful and inspiring! I linked back to my blog, which I just started. And on Friday, I wrote my very first haiku. :)


hi rebecca, i have enjoyed being a part of your community sharings. i was wondering if there is an understood 'etiquette' for the timing on leaving comments for haiku my heart and postcards. i am asking because i am not always able to comment to everyone on the list at one sitting. i also personally prefer to spread out the reading and responding over several days giving me more time to read and absorb what is written. just wasn't sure if i would be better that i hurry the process along.

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