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May 10, 2012


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In the windy season
of May, pollen falls, lifts, soars.
Poppies propogate.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, nothing like the California poppy to be knee deep in holy. Have you ever visited the poppy preserve in Lancaster, CA in the spring? It is amazing! I can't believe I'm not last in sharing this time but as I went to put the computer to bed, I checked your site and voila! You had the haiku invite up early. Have a beautiful weekend.

Anthony North

Nature and spirituality perfectly handled.


Knee deep in holy... I just LOVE that expression! You are a flower in my garden, Rebecca :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


Wonderful, beautiful haiku Rebecca! You have me too with the last expression - marvelous!


Hi Rebecca! Love everything about this post! The vibrant poppies...and the term "knee deep in holy.". Lyrical. Beautiful.


Oh!!! The color of the poppies is just breathtaking. Wonderful! Indeed, "knee deep in holy!" Thank you!!!!!


Poppies are my favorite!
Love the haiku...and the last line!
Wow!!! That is a beautiful, beautiful line.

Laura Hegfield

oh the color is so joyful...and "knee deep in holy"...beautiful!

Carol (artmusedog)

Love 'knee deep in holy' ~ words evoke such a divine connection ~ photos are fantastic ~ filled with life! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Andrea thompson

Always absolutely gorgeous color to be found here!!!

deb taylor

I have returned to Fridays,
dripping with golden goodness!


Love all of the rogue flowers that bloom here on Fridays. XXX
and LOVE your beautiful poppies and haiku.


We are suddenly plunged back into cold...tender young things I planted, perhaps too early.

Your heron visitation still takes my breath away.


Oh what a gorgeous colour those poppies are. Beautiful words accompany them, and I am so glad I followed the link to the herons.

Ramesh Sood

Not only your haiku and pictures even the gifts of beautiful feelings everyone shares here uplift my heart as I experienced while visiting Fran's Haiku on Butterflies..

My heart flies
goes up, up and up;
freedom , that!!!!


California Poppies are synonomous with spring...and holy for sure! Beautiful!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

"Knee deep in holy" is wow! Orange is my favourite colour and since I'm from California, the poppy is one of my favourites.


I love the color of these flowers and "Knee deep in holy" beautiful!

I'm out of town so I won't be participating this week but I'm looking forward to next week, :-) have a great weekend!

Mama Zen

That is really lovely.

Sue Fox

I have that Friday feeling, can't keep away! x

peggy gatto

This is the first year I planted poppy seeds and I am being rewarded with bright orange blooms which I hope will return in abundance next year!!!
Thanks for hosting these weekly get togethers!!!

Queenie Believe

Beautiful photo of our western poppies!
Your poem puts a lovely light on pollen which at times completely covers everything in a coat of lime green sneezy dust :o)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Always, Queenie

Rambling Woods

Beautiful photo and prose...Michelle


oh Rebecca, you continue to inspire me everyday. This is a beautiful rendition of what I can comes from within you: color and life.


Lovely visiting with you all, blessings on your weekend and happy mother's day to all you mothers :)


Poppies! yes, how amazing that was my posting as well. the connections run deep, and i am so grateful.

Kim Mailhot

"knee deep in holy" is the sweetest place to be.

Love to you and your glorious colorful heart !


oh how i love poppies! but knee deep in holy ~ rebecca, you have given me an unforgettable way to honor them. your spirit never fails to buoy my spirits, my friend. happy mother's day weekend. xxo

Asni /A Walk In My Heart

Such beautiful flowers and love the thought of being knee deep in holy. Happy Mother's Day to all!

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