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May 03, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Give me such wings!


Ah..."wings painting the edge of heaven" is delicious!


Photo and haiku, take my breath away!

peggy gatto

" the edge of heaven", what a beautiful statement!!!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

You say we make Fridays remarkable. Well, you started it. Here's to another remarkable Friday.

Anthony North

Beautifully expressed.


I love everything about this haiku!


Your haiku is stunning! Thank you for bringing all these haiku-loving souls together... did you know three 'haiku ladies' from different parts of the world will meet each other tomorrow? Oh yes, I will meet with Lea and Kimberly tomorrow. So exciting!!

Laura Hegfield

I love "wings paint the edge of heaven then become sky"...gorgeous!


I hope you soar today!

Carol (artmusedog)

Magnificent photo and wonderful haiku ~ You help us soar ~ wishing you a magical weekend ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Sue Fox

I've got that Friday feeling, heavenly haiku!
love you lots x


I really like this, Have a great weekend!


Thanks, as always, for hosting! What a great shot :D and the haiku is so fitting!


Beautiful Rebecca and it is wonderful how you spread the wings of your inspiration & inspire others. Thank you!


Andrea thompson

This photo and haiku makes my spirit soar along with it! Thanks for sharing and for hosting!

Asni /A Walk In My Heart

Awesome haiku and the photo is stunning. Have a great weekend everyone!


blue grey brush across the sky - exquisite imagery, a beautiful rendition - perfect visual of this gracious bird and yet so much more.. filled with heart, breathtakingly poetic!

Helen Campbell

Beautiful haiku! How blessed you were to see and capture the "wings paint the edge of heaven" in flight.

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