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May 31, 2012


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Dancing farewell to poignant, your words...
If nothing else, we can keep a young attitude and outlook, as our flesh betrays us! Beautiful, as always, Rebecca. Haiku on!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Your words and photo struck me very deeply tonight, Rebecca. Time seems to be going so fast it sometimes makes my head spin, but the little girl inside me still feels like she is around 10-years-old. Thanks for making me think and for reminding me that I absolutely loved the rooted in love ceramic in a student art show in February.

Anthony North

Intriguing haiku.


Moonlight magic.... touching the place in me that knows to cherish each moment, feeling our farewells as deeply as our welcomes.


What a beautiful haiku... I can see her dance - or maybe I am her?


Your Haiku is powerful this morning. As I age and have the next milestone marked by cake and ice cream served at a family and friends event, I realize how much I've danced and how I must keep dancing. Like Grandmother Moon, who never seems to get any older but remembers youth, I remember every time I have to swing my leg up and over the Triumph, or when I'm on my hands and knees pounding a nail into a board and have to get up. The aches and pains remind me. But the good part is that I remember the dances and all the dance partners I've encountered over the years.
Thank you for your wonderful Haiku and the forum to share this kindness with others.


Andrea thompson

I hardly ever dance but i feel i am her, dancing goodbye to youth but looking forward to what's next!


Absolutely wonderful picture!!!! Amazing reflection in picture and words. Gives on cause to pause and ponder!!! Wishing you a grand weekend!!!


This is REALLY an amazing and enchanting photo and poem combination. The reflection of the moon is wonderful!

Peg Englishman

This is incredible Rebecca. I am that girl at this point in my life. There is a sadness, but also comfort in the gaining of wisdom and compassion.

Kim Mailhot

I so love how you dance.
And how you invite others to join in.

Much love and light to you, my Beautiful Heart.


Ohhh this one is so romantic! Dance, laugh, compassion... love that. :)


thoughty one

~~farewell to youth~~
grabbed me
a sec
BUT that could not B you,
dancing youth away,
for your heart is forever*young...

no! NOT you...


i dance under every full moon
that shows its large, shining face...
{{ no matter Where i am }}


i adore you...that is all i can say...xo


I have felt like that girl in the moonlight lately. But I realise I did that dance a long time ago, so now I am dancing as a celebration of maturity.


She slipped through the door of the midnight portal, the moon lantern guiding the way... dancing, dancing, into her mother-years, her crone-years, dancing, dancing to be born again and again... XOXOXOXO

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I think if I had seen the scene in your amazing photo I would have stripped off my clothes and run naked in the woods.


This gives me the feeling of expectancy, youth being danced away but replaced by growing, a maturing dancing in the light.

Sue Fox

Grateful to be back for one more haiku dance with you, moon or no moon, you always shine in my heart. x


Happy Birthday dearest one. Much love to you this day and always.


a poignant haiku today as i recently know of a young woman who will no longer dance in the moonlight. i have referenced your words 'the truth is no one knows. . . ' in my post today, my wise friend. if today is your birthday, i wish you a happy one. xxo

Carol (artmusedog)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Rebecca ~ Happy Birthday to you ^_^


wish you a very happy birthday, Rebecca.. a happy year ahead and many more to come! :)

Tarun Mazumdar

my oh my the last line Wow... bows down....


Hi Rebecca, great place here to link the haiku,. wonderful readers and awesome poetry!,.thank you :)


Oh Rebecca... is/was it your birthday? I didn't know... until I discovered over at Gemma's... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ONE!!!


Happy Birthday!


Here's my first post for haiku my heart..hope it forms a nice gift for your b'day :) happy birthday Rebecca :)


yet she still dances beautifully...

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