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May 24, 2012


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Anthony North

Beautiful pic and haiku.


This is truly 'Haiku my Heart'... beautiful Rebecca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Do scissored prayers have sharp edges?

Account Deleted

Nice haiku!:)

Account Deleted

I liked 'one prayer scissored from the sky'

Peg Englishman

Wonderful & glorious Rebecca! It reads like a sweet, sweet song:)

Laura Hegfield

Oh Rebecca...complete Divinity, both image and haiku!

Laura Hegfield

ps. I linked two separate posts, not the same twice.


i want a tree
This heart*felt one...

{{ oh my yes,
such a fine phrase
is 'scissored from the sky' }}

deb taylor

Life is holy, funny and free!
Come see!!


Each week I look forward to the beauty, inspiration, and connectedness of Hauku My Heart...thank you so much for sharing your awesome haikus each week and for creating a venue for us all to gather.

Carol (artmusedog)

Life is holy ~ so true ~ excellent haiku and photo ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Thrown open the doors to a glorious day!


the cathedral open to all people to experience the beauty and truth.
the light once again inspires me as you do.


Lovely and intense. The use of 'scissors' makes the prayer sound like it's going to get an immediate answer.


Beautiful. I love the open air cathedral in your photo. Your post has filled me with light and hope Rebecca, on a day that it is truly needed. Thank you.


Every bit of life is affected by every other bit of it. YES! All life is holy.
My love to you today and always.

Kim Mailhot

I have been away. It is glorious to return to this house of belonging that you receive us in each week, Beautiful Rebecca. I missed you and the sweet energy here.
I hope you holiday weekend is full of gentle loving.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

"one prayer scissored from the sky"? your word power amazes me.

Ramesh Sood

Simply I am late but then I am here.. with Haiku My Heart..


Oh Rebecca.... lovely image, prayerfully haiku'd. Thank you.

Sue Fox

The weeks roll round and round, haiku keeps rolling along, my weekly practice!

peggy gatto

I think this is my new favorite, words and picture!!!
Have a beautiful weekend!


This spoke to my heart,prayers of light directed to the heart! have a great weekend Rebecca!


Beautiful, rebecca. You are always in my heart of hearts. Just dropping in a little film and a "crow" haiku for you.
Much love,


this is image is like a view of heaven

Miss Robyn

I don't haiku, because I simply, cannot do it.
but, once again, I visit and feel such love coming from your post - thankyou, you feed my soul xoxo


I love the sun beams in this photo! I just got up and this is such a beautiful, positive haiku and photo to start the day!


scissored from teh sky - a perfect image.. so happy to have found you..


Oh how I've longed to come through these doors... life is ripe and intense, cyber connections sporadic, but I'm still here and drink deeply from this cathedral of light!

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