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May 16, 2012


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Oh, this makes the heart sing, Rebecca! I'm taking the BRAVE e-course in June, and am sooo EXCITED! Been gathering my supplies, waiting, anticipating...and reading Flora's wonderful book in the meantime. Your painting is GLORIOUS...*SWOON*...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS)) P.S. Thank you so much for the very loving & kind comment you left me...bless you!


Beautiful paintings wonderful colors. I love those doves.


the painting bug has bitten me as well...

Adore! the earth angel flying, unleashed.

off very early a.m. tomorrow for a few days of relaxation...if you are so inclined there will be a haiku post that you can Mr Linky to.



So, so beautiful; amazing words.
I love how you teased me with parts of the whole....
I, not knowing, that they were parts until the revealing of the whole.

Queenie Believe

Magnificent work of art!!! Overflowing with joy and anticipation.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


gorgeous, hope you have a wonderful day!

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ these are such wonderfully creative and inspiring paintings and I delight in your words as they are so encouraging ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher

"...there is no end to the song in your soul."

I am going to hold on to these words fiercely, and never let go!

Thank you, dear Rebecca.

peggy gatto

I am signed up for her course!!!


It is a beautiful thing, this passion that has been stirred in you, Rebecca! Having seen the original piece shown in this post, I know, without a shadow of doubt, that you were born to do this. It is pure magic!

Ramesh Sood

Rebecca, these are such soulful paintings...your words add to the comfort of soul...happy flight this in the mind of Flora Bowley...vaster than the sky...anywork undertaken with similar kind of passion will be magic... God Bless..

Will be writing for Haiku My Heart inspired by this post..

Will be culminating with the line Brave Intuitive You..with your permission.. Thanks..waiting...RS:)


the colors of your heart are sublime.


I love the colors on this painting. It is so powerful.


I will be in .. and I love your work !


stunning...oh, how i wish i could take this course in june but the timing is off for me. so beautiful!

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