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May 09, 2012


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Hi Rebecca - this display just blows me away. So many lovely birdies and such diversity. I visited all the websites and loved them all but especially Cathy Cullis.


Wow, what a fabulous roundup, Rebecca. Thanks for widening our view to include all these creative women. x0 N2

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Now I know why I was awakened at first light with bird song. It was your post, calling to me!


I am awoken each morning at 5:00 with bird song. I love listening just a few minutes before, the perfect stillness, then the cacophony begins!!

what a BEEautiful flock you have gathered!

Kim Mailhot

Oh what glorious birdie joy !!! Love love love !
Thank you for this gathering of birds, Beautiful Rebecca. Such a treat !
Big love to you !


I love bird art;
you've certainly covered it today.
Thanks for all the smiles you gave me.

Queenie Believe

Totally Birdalicious Joy! Wonderful!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Lovely selection of birdworks! Thanks for cheering my day!

Sue Fox

Such beautiful birds of a feather, thank you for your generous sharing and caring. x


I will also go by and visit all these creative artists. Birds do bring such joy and I am ready to share. Thank you for sharing.

peggy gatto

Oh so many lovely pieces!!!!

Andrea thompson

Wow,these are so inspiring, i need to check out a few more sites!

I so wish i could get good photos of my eagles like you have of so many birds, especially love the herons in the earlier posts!

Janelle-A Story of Grace

um,yeah, this is so cool! lol I love birds. So glad to have found your blog.



thank you, miss rebecca! i enjoyed visiting some new blogs, thank to your post!! happy weekend to you!

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