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April 24, 2012


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Oh wow! So intricate! I used to do some paper cutting myself when I was we call it by the PA Dutch term...scherenschnitte. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.
Her work is very beautiful, thankyou for sharing it. Have a happy day♥♥♥


These are wonderfully beautiful. Mrs, Spadoman is very artistic. I sent her a link to this post so she could see what kinds of things will be in store for us when we travel to San Miguel. We are so very excited about everything. Our deposit will be in your mailbox very soon. Thanks for a glimpse into what awaits us.


Queenie Believe

Margarita's paper art is amazing, wow!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


I agree. Her papel picado's are stunning. Very nice post and I'm sure it will be memorable when you get together.


Oh these are so beautiful! I love the poem or this little 'dance with death'. Lovely lovely work. I will dream of san miguel de allende and if I'm lucky something will shift or move or arrive to make it possible. If not this year....

Laurie Zuckerman

Margarita's work is outstanding. Very inspiring to me as I have been designing some simple paperwork ideas for my next Day of the Dead altar. I have always been fascinated by the elaborate papel picadors that I first saw in San Miguel. I wonder if I could have seen any of her work in galleries in SM? You are very lucky to have met her, Rebecca. She will add so much to your upcoming tour.

Sue Fox

I took a peek at all her artwork on the web-site, fascinating. I understand how her technique can be so enjoyable, I too love to cut with the blade. Thanks for sharing, your trip will be enthralling! x


Wow! Absolutely gorgeous, as is Margarita

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Wonderful -- on many levels. Love you, Rebecca.


Yes, indeed, there IS joy in living your passion and the pictures are so beautiful! The words paint a beautiful picture too! Have a grand day!

Andrea Thompson

these are wonderful and inspiring! I used to do papercutting but with printed patterns, makes me want to do my own art cutting now!

Kim Mailhot

What a delightful and so very talented Soul for you to have connected with, Rebecca ! As my Mom/Guru says, "Takes on to know one ! "
And oh that black and white...

Thank you for sharing your treasured new friend !


Beautiful paper work.
Thank you for sharing Margarita's art
and your story of meeting with her :)

Fran aka Redondowriter

Her work is spectacular and what a bonus she will be for your participants this fall.


Wow you lucky woman. Finding her was a dream come true for you it seems. I love her work. So intricate. Thank you Rebecca for introducing her to us.

peggy gatto

Oh, thank you for introducing us!!!


Oh my goodness such beautiful work!!! So glad I swung by to see how everything was going- this is incredibly inspiring!


Margarita Fick's artwork is so amazing, isn't it? It's chockful of symbolism and beautiful to boot! And what a great opportunity to meet her in person.


Wow! Having tried this before I know it is difficult. What skill and attention to details.

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