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April 29, 2012


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Carol (artmusedog)

Lovely photo ~ portals always fascinate me ~ thanks for hosting ~ enjoy the day ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Sue Fox

Coming here always seems like 'A stairway to heaven', just love these pics!

Sue x


Well, your postcards look familiar...I do not though remember that key hole doorway. Best come back later today to find out.

off again!

Magical Mystical Teacher

How could I NOT come back????

Sue Fox

My own post has more meaning than ever now, we are all truly linked more than we know I imagine! x

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Such memories! You warm my heart.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Rebecca, I love that you see the beauty in the mundane. It's awe inspiring, isn't it? You take the same kind of pictures I would take. When you feel the sun beating down on you, do you ever feel that you might have lived there in a past life?

Miss Robyn

one day, I am going to travel to Mexico. at the moment, I satisy that desire by painting my Marian shrine in the colours of Mexico. my heart at the moment, cries for Mary's presence - you bring that to me every time I visit here xoxo


I love the views through your doorways!

Lisa JonesMoore

Always such a JOY to visit your blog, and see into your heart...


Such beautiful imagery -- it appears endless, sometimes, on your blog, rebecca! Thank you for always sharing it so generously.

Laurie Zuckerman

Gorgeous photos you have posted today, my dear Rebecca. Are these your photos from this most recent trip to San Miguel? I am enthralled by these shots. Checking in late tonight, but will try to post images from my little "paradise" here in Fort Collins tomorrow and link to your Paradise post.


These are beautiful photos you are sharing today.


It's always a pleasure to meet you here in Paradiso, Rebecca!
Thank you for sharing Davids beautiful words and beliefs and your spectacular photographs where one has a vantage point of looking in and outward. Thank you too, for checking in, for you kind thoughts.


Ah,that sun...that sky...the wind murmuring tales from other places, transforming us without us knowing how...

Yes, about our stars, yes!You always bring the sunshine with you when you come to visit.
I know it, and I am grateful for that in more ways that you could imagine. Here is to stars and sunshine. And to real and true friendship.


I love to have found this blog. So beautiful and full of wisdom.

Kim Andersen

the light where you live is so bright and direct - just like you :)

peggy gatto

thank you for my views, magical!!!

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