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April 22, 2012


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Carol (artmusedog)

Absolutely wonderful photos and poems and your words are always so precious, magical and inspiring ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Hello Rebecca,
This is a beautiful and moving poem. I am reminded of the deep symbolic nature of trees for the Palestinian refugees who have lost their homeland. The olive tree and the fig and the lemon. Most of the olive trees in Palestine have now been uprooted by Israel to make way for their own trees to take root. Consequently, there are Palestinian artists who draw men who are half tree with half their body a trunk and the other human, one leg rooted in the rich soil of Palestine, the homeland longed for and lost. It is a sign of steadfastness and resistance all at one time. Trees are an anchor of home and memory for many people.


A very beautiful visual interpretation of the poem.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Dear Rebecca:
As always, your words and images are like a tall glass of bubbling water to a parched throat.


What a beautiful poem...and your illustration of it...breath taking.


Sue Fox

Words deep and meaningful I'm breathing in the essence, thank you.
Sue x

Laurie Zuckerman

Hi Rebecca, I thought I would say hello to you today through your Postcards from Paradise. I have attached my link to your blog as bearly a year ago I was in Paradise myself—Trinidad. Feels like a long, long time ago. I am trying to cheer myself up by working on photos from that spectacular trip. Love your poetry!



Beautiful words and accompanying photos.
A meditation to start and influence my day.
Thank you.


I drift... into this beautiful world you create with world and image. I whisper *thank you*... :o) We're going to Vienna later this week and be away a few days. See you soon in blogland. ((HUGS))


I'm late linking because of the untimely death of my beloved laptop. Oh, well, better late than never to join the festivities!

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