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April 14, 2012


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brian miller

the holiness of paper....there statues are the hard angles paper makes but also...just wow these are cool...

Carol (artmusedog)

Just the most amazing creations ~ so magical and mystical ~ Wow! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

"The holiness of paper", wow! I hold a great reverence for paper myself, ever since I was 13 and my father brought home an old ledger as a gift. I haven't stopped writing.


The paper and the pen - another duo of inspiring friends to have!


They are amazing! just amazing...

hope to be back to sharing postcards and haiku soon. Such a long road, I am finding,back to myself.

betty manousos

they are totally amazing!
i'm speechless...

enjoy the rest of your weekend!


They emit soulfulness


Dazzled by the paper art and feelings evoked with such simple materials... the urgency of deep love ever present... just dazzling! :o) ((HUGS))


it's hard to believe those works of art are made from simple brown paper! amazing.


The brown paper virgin and saint are fantastic! Hard to believe such art could come from such a lowly material. Thanks for sharing.

peggy gatto

simply stunning!!!!
thank you for showing these amazing statues!


Oh WOW, Rebecca! These paper sculptures are beyond amazing. WHO is the artist???? Please, do tell!

And Rebecca, do you have a link to the Dia de los Muertos trip? I'd like to find out how much it is, etc.

noelle clearwater

I have missed you. Thank you for sharing these tremendously beautiful works of art in paper. Just glorious to behold. Beyond words truly!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I know it won't be possible this year, but I can dream, can't I? One more year to work and then my life won't revolve so much around the academic calendar.

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