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April 10, 2012


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Sue Fox

Dear loved one, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of your name in my comments box, happy you are home safe and sound.

Hugs Sue x


Glad you have returned ! I am looking forward to all you will be sharing with us.


Happy you have returned safely FILLED with wonderful energy from your trip!!


Queenie Believe

What a glorious trip that will be.
So glad your current trip was filled with wonder and awe.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


I am so thankful I have you! To travel on adventures to places I will probably never see first hand...thankful that you share photos and stories and the spirit of the culture and the people. It seems you hand-pick the most beautiful for me.
I just loved the sunshine-y golden collection below.
My Mia is traveling to France with her dance troupe this summer...I can only scrape enough together for one of us to see the world :)...So far! ♥♥♥

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Glad you are back and writing to us once again on your blog. I hope you soaked up enough Mexico to last for six months.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Welcome back, Rebecca. We've missed you but so look forward to hearing all about your trip.

Hettienne Grobler

Welcome back Rebecca - happy that you returned safely and filled with wonder and awe. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and please keep my name on the list for next year's Santa Semana. blessings Hettienne

Magical Mystical Teacher

Space is already filling up for Dia de los Muertos? Oh, my! (I wish, wish, wish I could go at that time!)

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