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April 26, 2012


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peggy gatto

This is spectacular, color and words!!!
My haiku was about flowers too!!!
Happy haiku friday

Anthony North

Great pics and haiku. They often sparkle when wet. Nature at its best.

Sue Fox

Do you know, I think this (top) is my all-time fave flower pic of yours. Have you ever thought of having it done on plexi-glass?

Love to you petal x


It was easy to love these photos. Red and Yellow are my favorite colors, and in combination, these look stunning. Spring has arrived in full force. I planted a rhododendron in one of the colorful Mexican pots I brought back from Santa Fe.
I'm leaving tomorrow for a rather lengthy road trip and I hope I can post photos of the blooms when I return.
Your haiku makes me want to bask in that sunshine amidst the garden, maybe drinking something, but definitely just enjoying the fragrance and the day.



Oh my! What an explosion of glorious color! You've brightened a chilly Friday hear! No rain, just cold. Wishing you well as always!!! Cathy

Laura Hegfield

"sun licked" I love that...and it is like they are sweet, colorful loli-pops, no wonder the sun wants to taste each one!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I could use some of that sun licking me today!


Such dreamy flowers and beautiful words as always! x


{{ on my way home
from the sea
"sun licked"

under the rain... }}


Such a joy to be in bloom in this garden... XOXOXO


Oh, I love that line..."sun licked flowers"!

Kim Mailhot

I love poppies !
Just as you talked about lily of the valley on my post yesterday, I adore poppies and have tried so many times to plant them here in my garden and the fussy things will not bloom. I remember France and the fields of them. So delicate yet so strong. Love them !

Happy spring blooming, Beautiful. Much love !


These photos totally(!) express the joy of spring!
Will you share how you got this effect?
Or maybe I will just have to play and figure it out myself :)


The rain was so refreshing and smelled great! We love every bit we can get here in the desert.


The humble violets
dressed with rain drops.
The queen and her diamonds.

The garden is glistening this morning. For the first time in years the Muguet are ready to be picked before May 1st. As you walk the wind is carrying fragrances that fill the mind with perfumed thoughts. I wish you were here. I truly do.


Sun licked flowers! And they really are! :). Thanks for hosting!!


pollen flecks and dewy reflections, literally bursting with joy! Stunning!


Love these photographs! Headed home..

Fran aka Redondowriter

Your neighbor's sun licked flowers are yummy-licious in every way. As always, I'm a little late to the haiku party, but here I am, better late than not at all. Won't have time to visit everyone until tomorrow, but visit I will.


Darkening spring rain... hehe.. exactly, LOL! And yet the flowers are saying hello, lovely isn't it. :) I love the pictures also, they are so vibrant!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Robyn

I love poppies! [have been away from blogging for over a month.. and I am back now.. have missed you alot - love to you xo}


so beautiful, rebecca


Yes Yes Yes lets sow seeds together... XOXOXO

Karen Gerstenberger

Those poppy photographs are gorgeous! They remind me of the "Brave Intuitive Painting" class - wouldn't they be fun to incorporate into a painting?

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