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April 05, 2012


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I wish you COULD dream us there! The photos from Palm Sunday were other-worldly. I LOVED them. It looks great there, and I love your haikus :)

Libby again. I somehow went insane(!) and linked up twice; the second link is to last week's haiku...sorry about that :/


Such a pretty display; I especially like the potted grass.

peggy gatto

I just love these pictures, such a joy for me to see!
thank you!!!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love all the purple in this photo. Draw a heart and think of me.


Walking with you yes, dreaming with you, always... feasting here with you in this garden of beauty... much love Rebecca to you and those with you and all of us connecting here with the haiku of our hearts!

Ramesh Sood

Thanks for the invite Rebecca..I walk with you..and incidentally what I wrote for Haiku My Heart today will hopefully tempt you too to walk with me... RS:)

Anthony North

That looks good.


Hello to you all, I have shared a few new haiku for Haiku My Heart.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter


I sooo love your words - dreams, open hearts, chamomile, light of lilies. And the picture is sacredly beautiful!

Carol (artmusedog)

So glad you are having a wonderful time and want to share it ~ lovely haiku and beautiful photo ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Thank you for this beautiful moment, Rebecca... "the church bells are ringing"... I'm there in spirit, lighting a candle with you. :o) Happy Easter Weekend ((HUGS))


Regocijo de Pascua!


Walking with you in spirit, wishing I could be there to see the slender. Praying for a safe journey to and fro, missing you, but knowing you are content.

Much Peace


You bring sunshine to the soul with this expression of spirit and beauty! Thank you.


So very beautiful. Wishing the blessings of this Holy Day! Have been so busy I've not been able to post! God Bless!!!!


happy happy days to you!
spring has sprung...for a


Laura Hegfield

Oh Rebecca what an exquisite image!
"Lily of my open heart"

wishing you every blessing


Beautiful thoughts for Good Friday.

Kim Mailhot

Thank you for taking us on the walk in your pocket, Beautiful One. Enjoy, in joy, enjoy !
Much love to you !


It would be a vagabond's dream to be with you alright.



It's a great day for a walk Rebecca - I'll pretend you walking next to me when I go outside in the afternoon. Happy Easter dear!


your blossoming soul touches me today. i am with you in heart.

Gloria Y

my favorite dessert, the scent of flowers! time for a walk, my neighbors gardens are calling :)

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