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March 27, 2012


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Ms. Moon

Forget the doves. You just made ME cry.


I look forward to that recipe. Beautiful post. Enjoy yourself and take care.


I am
part gypsy
take me there
oh my

xox - eb.


Ahhh...only a few short days and we'll be paradise!

Sue Fox

God speed my dear Rebecca there where your beauty will touch theirs, and back with your treasures!

Loving you always

Sue x


Wishing you safe & happy travels, gypsy girl! ;o)


I can still TASTE those poblanos!!

and I use my images of the haunting empty doorways of Posada de las Minas so very often.

I will be the small tiny voice you hear from just above on this trip:)


Oh, do get the recipe. I may never get to Posada de las Minas....but I can get to the stove!thank you for breaking your promise to never post photos of food. This one is inspiring.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Of course you will share! Why wouldn't you? :)


pozos awaits you...


Carol (artmusedog)

Sounds like a 'divine' place to go ~ enjoy^_^


Have a wonderful time, Rebecca! Your photograph of the poblano feast has me wanting to cook up Mexican this weekend. It looks so delicious!

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