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March 06, 2012


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What passion! What beauty!

Sue Fox

Fascinating, would love to dance now the pot is off but have to take it steady for a couple of days then I'm off........

Sue x


I loved that movie -- it was utterly rapturous.


Just beautiful. Loved this video. Thanks for sharing! Ooooh I feel motivated now. tee hee.


honey darlin'

i have danced
every single day since
i was born
for that week
after i had my knee surgery....

oh happy day!

{{ U R so good
to get
on life }}

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm dancin' in my mind!

Helen Campbell

Dancing your emotions... oh yes!

Ramesh Sood

You are so consistently and constantly splashing and spreading colours of Joy..and happiness... and what could be a better day for me to come here than the Festival of Colours..Holi.. in India...

Carol (artmusedog)

Lovely post ~ I follow this quote: 'Dance while you can.' ~ forget the author ~ apologies to her/him ~ Wishing you the kind of day you want. ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Meri @ Meri's Musings

It's coming soon to our non-profit cinema!


It's an amazing film...Pina was a visionary and she infected each of her dancers with this vision and love.

I dance with you my dear!


I receive much joy from watching that trailer. I will have to look for that film. I doubt that it will be at our local theater. Not much audience here for real artistic work. Blessing and joy to you today Rebecca.

Andrea thompson

Thanks for sharing... I don't dance much except in my head and with my paints!

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