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March 18, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Are you sure she's not shivering under that white dome? :)


morning sun, softest glint of rose from stone cheek. Lion melts to lamb, stone effigy reveals jewel.. you have a beautiful gift, an eye that sees beauty in the daily.. compassion, charity, delicacy..

Thank you.. L

deb taylor

come see my view....inside and out...yours sent a chill up my spine! Snow, really?


Spring is arriving in a white winter whirl. It's cold mantle gently embraces a source of our greatest warmth.


Oh-snow! You know, I am going to join in today as I have the perfect photo from outside in my garden at about ten this morning-will do it now!

Hettienne Grobler

oh how beautiful! here we never have snow in our gardens - my view is what is on my studio table right now! blessings


Oh Rebecca, we live in such diverse climate zones. Seeing the bright white snow embrace her serene beauty brought a sense of clam to this windy morning.


oops i posted on haiku by accident. must be a message there.

Queenie Believe

Burrrrr :o)
It is grey cold and drizzly rain here in the Valley of the Sun. A rare weather day reminder of growing up in beautiful Ohio.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Sue Fox

Loving your soft white view of lady with snow shawl and quiet thoughts of comfort.

Sue x


We were there the other day. It was nice and warm. You never know about the weather around here. Enjoy the quiet.
love you.

Carol (artmusedog)

Snow! What a beautiful photo! but snow? ~ It was almost 80 degrees in MA on the coast ~ Weird weather ~ huh? thanks for hosting this great event ~ Have a great week ~ namaste, Carol ^_^


So lovely this snow-dusted Madonna...*sigh*.. I am glad though that the snow has melted here and spring slowly arriving... ;o) Happy Week, Rebecca ((HUGS))


really? snow? and it feels like summer already, here... could you please send me a bit of that coolness?

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