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March 04, 2012


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Carol (artmusedog)

Never tire of seeing the 'blessings' of animals ~ great haiku and thanks for hosting this PCFP ^_^

Sue Fox

Please take me with you in your heart!

Sue x


Oh so precious. How awesome that you are going again soon rebecca. Much love and happy trails to you and fellow travelers.
My heart soars for you.


There is so much love in the faces of these children the animals with whom they share their lives. It brings to mind that all beings inhabit the world together, we share the same sky, the same earth, the same waters. I love your wording, "the mystery and charm are always waiting." Sending you hugs from Southern California where the sun shines today and the soft breezes brings to mind memories of another time.


I will be thinking of you and this special group of dreamseekers... weaving your joy and discovery into the fabric of our world, touching us all while you sojourn together...

Laurie Zuckerman

You have cheered me up, Rebecca. Love the turtle and the ducks. So much joy in everyone's faces. Can't wait for my own turtles to surface from our frozen over pond.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just love the blessing of the animals but seeing the same ritual that I love in Mexico is so meaningful. All of their beautiful faces--all the people with their pets--brings a smile to my face. When my kids were growing up we stayed in Baja Mexico a lot--sometimes camping, sometimes in a hotel. My sons surfed and we road dirt bikes in inland desert areas. As soon as we got to a campground or motel, the boys would adopt one of the stray dogs which were everywhere. Mangy as they were, they quickly became part of the family. It was always hard to leave them behind. How I wish I were able to be with you there during Holy Week. Maybe next year.


Your photographs of San Antonio's blessing for the animals is fantastic, Rebecca!!! The third photo of the boy with the cat? That cat looks very much like my mom's Coco!! It's nice that you had a book marker that led you to your destination and now you will bring others to your precious Mexico and let them see through your eyes!! How fantastic!!



i love the faces of love and friendship and connection, here... the warmth and color. and i love that you have plans to visit again, this place that you love so well.

peggy gatto

I adore, really adore these special photos!!!!!!!!!!
I wish our church would do this special occasion!!!!!!!


Beautiful pictures. Love that you are able to go back so soon. x0 N2

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