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March 03, 2012


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Rebecca I am honored with this acknowledgment you granted me in this "lover of small words".

Thank you, with love,


PS. What a wonderful sunflower photo.

Carol (artmusedog)

Awesome photo! well done ~ and I am so glad to see Chevrefeuille featured here ~ He does marvelous haiku ~ thanks, namaste, carol ^_^


chevrefeuille is a haiku star! x

Magical Mystical Teacher

How generous! How delightful! How wondrous to honor Chevrefeuille. You rock, Rebecca!

Sue Fox

To shine a light on others is your gift and you always give from you great big heart!

Sue x

Ramesh Sood

Chevrefeuille...indeed.. I love his haiku..and Rebecca is a true giver..we know.. God bless!!!

deb taylor

Happy to know Chevrefeuille...thanks for the intro!


when you wake...I have postcards to share.

am off again, journeying south


We are so fortunate dear Rebecca, to meet here each Friday and in-between and come to know and love these poets... What a delight to be touched by Chevrefeuille's love of small words, small words with meaning larger than words...


Dearest Rebecca, I have wanted to join in on your haiku Fridays but have not gotten my courage up yet. I am aiming to join you soon.

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