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March 14, 2012


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Beautiful!!!! Have a grand day!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Then your heart must be aflame! You are a treasure to me -- so transparent, loving, creative, and truthful.


What a terrific quote. And long may your heart be filled with this joy...


Wonderful quote with a great photo!


Mother Teresa had it all together. I love anything about her story. You are sharing joy and making our world more joyful for sure.

Kim Mailhot

Hunka hunka burning love, that is my heart !
And it has a ton of love for you in it, Beautiful Rebecca.
Happy, Happy Thursday !


oh my, this heart... xoxo

Queenie Believe

Oh so true!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

P.S. I'm down here in the Valley of the Sun in Gilbert.

cottage and broome

My first time visiting your blog, love all the day of the dead posts. I'd love to go to one of the celebrations. We have posted about dia de los muertos too. Thanks for stopping by Laura - Cottage and Broome

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