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March 15, 2012


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That's what you called out? How delightful you are! These beautiful naked ladies are stellar enough for me :)

Anthony North

Loved that last line in the haiku.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Who needs a stellar photograph when you have a stellar imagination?

Sue Fox

I am reminded that the 'one constant' in life is change! And the other constant is you beautiful Rebecca, reminding us to live passionately every day!

Sue x


That is a clever line, Rebecca, with the bare naked ladies. That's a band name too. ;o) It is! LOVE the color of those Weekend ((HUGS))


Oh Rebecca... you made me laugh with this story - did the driver stay on the road?!

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ wonderful haiku ~ laugh at life ~ such a gift ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ Happy Weekend ^_^


Sometimes the dreams before dawn are most vivid, and help us through our backlog of regrets.

Your photo and haiku are like one of those dreams.


I LOVE this haiku..."Drop regrets like spent petals." Really good!!!


I had never heard them called "bare naked ladies" before. Around here they are called "Resurrection plants." Beautiful nonetheless!! Wishing you well!! Cathy


I am quite taken with your picture, actually! It is an awesome reminder of spring and brings me great joy. One must wonder how they got that inspiring name!!!


Hee hee, you're lucky he didn't swerve off the road!
I love the second line.

Ramesh Sood

You took me for a delighful surprise.. just before the sunrise.. Rebecca, a standing ovation here.. what a lovely pic and haiku..

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Lovely flowers and haiku. Napa Valley is a beautiful place.

peggy gatto

what a wonderful memory!!!!!!!!
Big morning smile from me!!!!

cottage and broome

Rebecca, thanks for dropping back by.. The flowers in my post were Lenten Roses I spelled it incorrectly so you would have a hard time looking them up, sorry! I think the photo of your naked ladies is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, Laura


Refreshing, wonderful! soft lightness of colour, clear wind, white light, thin garment of spring! Thanks for your comment, we started a post then did not get back to link last week.. no haiku today wither, but will finish the post you peeked at and link Sunday :-), all willing..

Curtains in my Tree

I am going to call my surprise lillies naked ladies from now on LOL

mine are not blooming yet however they are peeking out

Queenie Believe

Fun poem and I love the story that goes with it.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Laura Hegfield

beautiful dear rebecca!

deb taylor

~~I am dancing naked with you tonight with spring flowers, June bugs, and frogs in the pond!!~~

peggy gatto

To those of you with word press, I was not able to get in to leave comments on your wonderful posts!

brian miller

ha you got my attention withe the title and great haiku....spring is upon us....


I was inspired by the last weeks events at my work. So I have written a cascading haiku for this weeks haiku my heart.


I got the biggest kick out of this, Rebecca. Too true about confused men. I once befuddled my hubby with the name of this flower. The look on his face was priceless.

Noelle Clearwater

I laughed out loud at this. I am in the midst of deep anxiety with a time deadline, so what do I do, I haiku! I just did one. I love your naked ladies, your brash sense of humor, your ability to befuddle and to throw cab drivers off their course. You are a wonder! Let the naked ladies dance in the wind and lose all of their petals!

Asni /A Walk In My Heart

Very catchy title and a beautiful haiku. Love it.


Dear Haiku My Heart, I just have written an essay on Matsuo Basho (a haiku master) on my weblog 'Basho Revisited" that would love to share with you. Feel welcome and free to give your comments.



hehehe, thanks for the chuckle this morning :)

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