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March 08, 2012


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peggy gatto

Yes this is what flowers do!!!
Lovely, just lovely!
Have a beautiful weekend!
I will be away until monday and look forward to visiting the posts!
Take care!

Magical Mystical Teacher

"no prompts, no rules"

Aw, c'mon, Rebecca, gimme some RULES! I'm a teacher, after all, I GOTTA HAVE RULES!!! :):) :) xoxoxoxxoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony North

A lovely way of putting it in the haiku.


What lovely words! "earth's altar" is especially charming, I love it. And that is such a pretty painting of flowers

"No prompts, no rules" works nicely for me especially on weekends ;)

Ramesh Sood

We all need to bloom with compassion, Rebecca..thanks for such a lovely Haiku..hope you will find my entry interesting..



Good Day to you all. Spring has almost begun, so the blossoms return and our world becomes a little bit more colorful.
I have written a few haiku on cherry blossoms.


What a gorgeous and vibrant colours on your flower-photo today Rebecca. Love your haiku too... a great start of the weekend (yep, it start now for me)

Carol (artmusedog)

Lovely post ~ photo is awesome and love the haiku and thinking about 'flowers at the altar of earth' ~ very beautiful image ~ enjoy the weekend ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)


"bloom with compassion"...I love the idea of the continual blooming of a compassionate heart--blooming, ever blooming. :o) Sending a blooming heart you way, Rebecca ((HUGS))

Sue Fox

I hope you are lifted this day from the fragility we both are knowing, by way of these offerings to your beautiful Haiku Heart.

Sue x


I have a lily of another spring variety :)



{{ well
thank you ever~so
for thinking

somepinkflowers }}

''''candles on the altar of earth''''
perfection, rebecca!


I love the vitality of your photographs, the imprint of your haiku... I find myself returning again and again. Inspiring, motivating, encouraging!


Spring...when glorious flowers, as well as souls, bloom. Your haiku says it all! Have a wonderful and warm weekend, Rebecca!


With this precious bouquet pressed to your chest as you fly into the sky and the destination of this coming retreat, may the compassion you engender wrap you in our love until you return home. Thank you for this beauty Rebecca and each other. XO


The colors held me there for a moment. Then I read. But the colors called me back.


No prompts, no rules...let the soul fly free. I so enjoy coming here and reading your words and other's from the heart.

Fran aka Redondowriter

A very busy day (and weekend) has started so I probably won't participate this week, but I wanted to say hi and that your post gives me inspiration, as always. Hope you are feeling well. Time changes this weekend giving us even more daylight hours to enjoy the spring that is beginning to unfold.


Yes, your Haiku says it all. Beautiful!


Wonderful, r.

Hope you are well.



Love love love
True bloom of compassion.


I am posting for the first time here at Haiku My Heart. At first I was flummoxed, looking and looking for a prompt. But slowly I came to think I could try to look within for my own prompt; and I ended up with a silly senryu on my blog Haiku Water :)

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