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March 22, 2012


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peggy gatto

Your birds and blossoms, so lovely!


Your message of peace is so beautifully offered, accompanied by those sweet birds...who must have wondered where all that snow had come from!

Fran aka Redondowriter

So glad you posted tonight as for once I had a little time and I posted early. Your post is perfect for this first week of spring and I look forward to reading what everyone else says.


warmth in a beating heart, I always find birds appear so exquisitely fragile, so soft and gentle in their strength, exuberant at dusk and dawn. live life wide open - peace to all.

Tarang Sinha

Lovely images!:)


I could look at that bird all day. So lovely! Your words illustrate "forgiveness is divine" so well.


Hello to you all, have a good weekend and a wonderful Springtime.

Anthony North

The best way to live.


Part of what make Fridays so special, so peaceful, is coming here and knowing there will be friends gathered. Like coming in the door at a party that I am invited to and folks are gathered, smiling, laughing, eager to greet me, and me, them.
Love the haiku and the birds hanging out. There are birds at my place today as well, doing the same thing, reminding us of peace.
Thank you for this special gift you give us each week, and plenty of gifts on the days in between as well.

Much Peace


Such beautiful words. And the pictures just take my breath away. Just want to take the little things and cradle then in the warmth of my hands so they would not be so cold. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you dear one, for yet another wonderful day at the haiku circle. Your love, your words, your beauty: it all brings us together! Shine your light, dear, and enjoy the weekend!

Carol (artmusedog)

Love these dear birds ~ they look like mourning doves ~ yet so colorful ~ lovely haiku ~ enjoy the weekend ~ namaste, CArol ^_^


Pure delight...Happy Spring, Rebecca! With much gratitude my house of belonging is full of friends like you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Laura Hegfield

oh how beautiful Rebecca!


Love your chubby, downy little birds. And, you haiku really "works" with them! Thank you - as always - for hosting!!


Thank you always make the world a little sunnier♥

Kim Mailhot

I am so happy that life has let me come hang out in this sweet house of belonging today !
I send you bundles of love and peace, Beautiful Rebecca. I hope the weekend has some quiet, restorative moments in store for you.
Thank you for the birds !


Oh what sweet little birds! A beautiful haiku, words of wisdom.


A seminal, growing spirit pervades your photos and haiku!


Look at your lovely little spring birds draped in snow...this late spring snow seemed to have completely missed us.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise)

Oh Miss Rebecca, both word and pictures made my heart sing over here today.

Thanks...great job sweetie!!!

Have an awesomely blessed and beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

deb taylor

these photos are so gorgeous.
Oh so pretty.
I missed yesterday, but am still here in my heart.

Gloria Y

Beautiful photos, wonderful words.

I can't come empty-handed. Have to resume my haiku practice. A haiku a week didn't do it. Back to one a day.


I am late... and even though the skies are gray where I sit... there is much love in my heart, for these beautiful feathered words and in flinging open the doors in this house of belonging... thank you sweet Rebecca. XO

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