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March 13, 2012


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Laura Hegfield

how beautiful...your sweet soul shines through every line...connecting us all as ONE.

Queenie Believe

I am so thankful she waits for our pause!!!
Absolutely wonderful post!!!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Ms. Moon

Back at 'cha, baby. I know exactly what you're talking about from Mexico to this morning.


Living in the moment with gratitude,
i'm working on it........

Sue Fox

I thank you for calling round with bunches of flowers, life is bitter sweet at the moment but your caring heart and words add comfort to my day.

Sue x


And to you Rebecca! I love that line 'the large song of small birds'. And yes-it is all about the cats-and mine is heavy too!


Yes the garden is full of young life and decaying divas each in the process of the daily expression.

Mama Zen

This is so beautiful!

Miss Robyn

dear sweet Rebecca, thankyou xo - your comments have been a joy to me & then this. I am [ok] - sitting with my grief and memories and the funeral today. your post has inspired me to finish painting my shrine outside - in the colours of Mexico :)

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