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February 26, 2012


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Hettienne Grobler

so happy to be here, revelling in the light of spring with you! always believe the promise, indeed!! blessings to you

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'm ready to welcome spring, but alas, we are overcast with rain coming in tomorrow. I love your words and all the variations on light. The Wayfarers Chapel I post about today is also about light. Although the day was overcast, still the beautiful misty light penetrated.


I just came in from the warm and bright of the morning to your perfect words.

Sue Fox

I sat out in the sun eating my cereal first time this year, it feels wonderful, and guess what? There were three Mallard ducks on our new ponds this morning!

Sue x


I am sure coming to your blog must be healthy for me. It's always like a bit of relaxing mediataion. Thank you for that.


Oh the sweet promise of spring! I feel I can finally sit in the light...and breath.


This is simply liberating!

Noelle Clearwater

Your message is one that should ring out in a clarion call throughout the world today. It is a call for light, acceptance, love, compassion and equality for all -- a sense of true belonging. "to lift the common veil of humanity and speak peace in every language" is a prayer that will remain in my heart. to "allow the darkness of the past to bleed freely into holy light" is an image powerful enough to shatter stone. Your words are jewels rebecca. Thank you for them and for the freedom you offer everyone in speaking them.
Much Love,


HEART overflowing with happy to be here with you, Rebecca :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))



whatever is that blooming
tree that holds
your heart?
my heart?

the heart of the world?

what is it
it does not
look like my red-bud tree

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