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February 19, 2012


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Hettienne Grobler

so so beautiful and poignant... can only imagine!!


Oh oh oh...what a wonderful and beautiful experience is in store for those who go! Your pilgrimages to San Miguel are beyond belief. How thankful and blessed I am to have gone away with you to San Miguel dear rebecca. An unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Oh and BTW I will be going back again one day soon.


Another trip to SM...holding this in my dreams.

happy Sunday!

Karen Gerstenberger

Oh, these photos take me there...the beautiful pageantry. We human beings are so blessed by the visual, artistic display of eternal truth through stories. Thank you for taking us there with you!

Noelle Clearwater

It would be a dream come true to go with you rebecca and finally meet for the first time. I feel that I have known you forever my dear friend. These images you post have such a sacred and numinous quality. I posted just this one time as I found a new photographer who grabbed my heart. Love her work.


We live moment by fleeting moment, in the sacred and the ordinary, knowing it is the only thing that is real. I experience memories of the beauty in the people of San Miguel de Allende through the images you have chosen today.

deb taylor

oh my walk this path again with you would be Paradise in itself. Thank you for this beautiful feast for my eyes. A temptation I hold in my dreams along with Stephanie.


are an angel,
would that I might

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

How I wish I could join you, Rebecca, either during Holy Week or Day of the Dead trip. Can't do it this spring, but who knows what fall will bring. I just love your photos and your spiritual philosophy. I feel just like you do. Life is so precious, so fleeting. We've got to live in the moment.


Such extraordinary images...such beautiful praise of the scarded... Oh, how I wish I could join you on that journey to SM... I will dream in the meantime. ;o) Happy Day ((LOVE & HUGS))

Allegra Smith

Who knows? it could be if I can find a way to convince my doctors to let me go.I will be there, one way or another.

But you already know that...


I have published a haibun for haiku my heart. A haibun is a short story and a haiku inspired on that short story.
Please come and enjoy.

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