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February 05, 2012


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Hettienne Grobler

Dear Rebecca, so superlicious your postcard today! How is your recovery? Today I booked to attend the UK Sacred Art Retreat in Somerset, UK with Flora Bowley and others! All thanks to your inspiration!


Love Anado!!! Woot!
What an amazing experience.
Thank you always for taking me away with you.

sharon furner the name and can't believe his website!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Were some of your photos from his work. What a world class artist. Thank you. And your photos are beautiful, full of energy and color. Only a robust spirit could take such pictures. I forgot to post, maybe I can later. Love your day. smiles: sharon

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am dazzled!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Absolutely colorlicious. I'll come back later to add something but I'mm off to church for now. Rebecca, can you send me the link to the next trip to San Miguel? I can't seem to find it.

Miss Robyn

oh what gorgeous colours! My little shrine that has been built in our front-yard needs to be painted and these colours are just perfect!!
oh how i wish, wish that I could come.. please take me with you in your pocket!!

Silky Hart

Gorgeous, colorful reminder of a sparkling fun day! Love the group shot of ALL of us. Love you, Silky


colorisious!! indeed!!

How I love this place...I KNEW you would venture over to Anado's, of course!

my world is winter white by contrast


Wow! That color is really something -- I almost had to blink!

deb taylor

~I am licking my colorlicious lips!~


Great post....all the color and interesting the bottle structure!!


Wow, so rich! I love the field of color saturated buddhas. So fun :)

anado mclauchlin

Beloved Rebecca,
Thanks so much with this post...quite wondrous actually! Gacias por todo! I posted it on my Facebook page.....Abrazos!


Oooo... all this COLOR-splendor makes the heart sing!! My heart and senses are dazzled... Thank you, Rebecca :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


This just all takes my breath away, Rebecca.


It seems that my link on my name has a type in it. Here it is corrected. Annie


these photos
lift me
to the sun*shine, missy!

lift me UP...


WOW! The color sings!!!


These photos brought back colorlicious (love this word) memories of time spent in this home on a visit to San Miguel de Allende. With time my memory of the colors dimmed a bit but you brought them right back to life here. Now I am flying high with color.


What and amazing feast of colour! I especially love the multi coloured Buddhas.


Rebecca... you prepare such a feast for us... a colorfest for the soul... XO


yes you are...

xox - eb.

Noelle Clearwater

Just beautiful rebecca! Just stopping by to give my eyes a treat and see the beauty you always offer as an expression of soul. Lovely!


I'm scrolling and wandering and my heart is filled to the brim overflowing with rainbow. You are a like a stain glassed window.

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