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February 21, 2012


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Rebecca, I can't tell you how much I LOVE this post. It has caught me at just the right moment in my life. I have paints on my desk waiting for just this sort of attention and hands aching to get dirty. The fruits of your inspiration will be posted in the next couple of days.


Queenie Believe

Beautiful expressions of the soul in word and paint.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Thise colours would be enough to make me happy in the morning! So summery and bright. Though when I read your title I at first read 'morning papers!' x


I'm so into pink these days -- both pale and hot -- and loved seeing it here on your gorgeous blog.

cynthia eloise

beautiful, such feeling reflected in each painting.

Karen Gerstenberger

Beautiful and inspiring!


sending ripples of love out into the world.


all that color

xox - eb.


More please.


expression, tension releasing, wonder, joy..


So beautiful these prayers, these songs of the soul... I want to drape myself, loose myself in each one...

Noelle Clearwater

Just stunning, rebecca. Color, Life, Soul, Passion, it is all here in such vivid detail and beauty. I see you and your heart is a good heart. You offer it with an unparalleled grace so that others may find a voice. Such Love!


The JOY of this post and images makes the heart dance! For over a year I've been on a creative journey of the heart, where painting features largely... I come home to myself every time I meet the canvas. :o) Thank you for this loving gift today, Rebecca ((HUGS))

peggy gatto

I adore the explosion of colors!!!
Love each 1


women of the courtyard...perfect

the color makes me dizzy with happiness, has been a hard week and this picked me right up.

I will not be at my blog computer tomorrow, I have a haiku post that should appear...will you kindly link me here :)

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