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February 08, 2012


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Miss Robyn

I think I would spell Joy like this:

Sue Fox

I love those words "without contrivance" when the spirit flows free, you feel the outworking through your creating, the feeling is harmonious with the action - it feels oh so good, as is evidenced here in paint, words, and spirit. What a Joy!!

Sue x


colours are joy. art is joy! beautiful!


wow, what a beautiful post. visually and your written words, thank you!


{{ sending jOyfully
strong ♥ vibes
your way
day }}


I can drink in this colorFULL joy day after day after day...


Meri @ Meri's Musings

What paintolicious fun! I haven't painted for such a long time. . . and I've had unused prepaid studio time in the encaustic studio for over a year. But your joy inspires me.


Sometimes... it is all I can do to just say this prayer... may I have the courage to be me, in sorrow and in joy... XOXOXOXO

peggy gatto

Joyous wake up today!!!

Queenie Believe

Awesome prayer of encouragement!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love looking down at my hands and apron and seeing how much joy I've been experiencing at the art table. You look like you do, too.


i love seeing you, wrapped in color.

deb taylor

I am licking your color fingers and drinking in your J-O-Y!


I can always tell how much fun I've had by how much paint is on my hands. you must be having a ball !

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, just be arrogant. I think you'll like it--and so will all that is holy! :)

sharon furner

All the beautiful and heartfelt comments left in you heart's mailbox must truly energize your day. You are beloved by so many....some who use their voice and others who simply read but leave quietly as a mouse.
It brings me happiness to read the comments left by all your friends.
And this posting brings me even more colorful happiness....when one is fully absorbed in whatever they are doing, there is no time to look for rags or paper towels, what is handiest is what gets fingerprints of joy....just love the energy in these make my day.




This is so delightful and full of joy. Once .. to me joy did mean something else. Back to end eighties I was into a certain church. Joy in there meant:

Jesus first
Others next
Yourself at last

In that time I was glad to know this, but all that I found in that church was sadness and despair. It was the last church I was a member of. Years later I found my "new" belief in LOVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful item on JOY. I enjoyed it very much.


dorte sund jensen

love these photos! so much energy and vibrance..

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