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February 09, 2012


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Carol (artmusedog)

I tried to comment before wasn't working ~ Hugs and namaste to you ~ Love the coloful buddhas ~ just read about them some where ~ Lovely photos and haiku as usual ~ enjoy the weekend ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher

The second line has set me laughing! I think I shall pretend to be a jolly baby Buddha this evening!

When one of my Korean sons was very small, he was also delightfully rolypoly, so I'd take him in my arms and sing this song:

Baby Buddha, how are you?
Baby Buddha, Baby Tuckoo.

Such nonsense, but also such fun!


Hi Rebecca, I can feel the strength returning to you...what a perfectly fun haiku! Those little buddhas look like candy.

Oh those seductive too, it's the moon I think...
And my sheets are getting a little too familiar...gotta wash them one of these days :D


"Such a ploy of old romance and unrequited love"...brilliant! It won't be long now...really. March is when things speed up incredibly...and love will come to stay. Gotta love those bright little buddas, all lined up in a row!

Miss Robyn

such colourful Buddhas!


What a fun haiku.
If those were gummy buddhas I would have to eat them!!

Hettienne Grobler

such a powerful song : my dreams grow more seductive hoping to contain me in familiar sheets, such a ploy of old romance and unrequited love - it can only be vanquished by the Light and the Love of a Mother for her only child! beautifully said Rebecca

Anthony North

Fun haiku and pic.


What a riot of colors! Those buddhas are like candies. I do let the light wake me. The sunshine is my alarm clock every day.


Your haiku made me smile Rebecca... a budha convention, ha! If only... the photo is fabulous! Thanks for shining light and spreading warmth on these cold days dear!


Wooo... I feel AWAKE already, just looking at all those colorful Buddhas and feeling the loving vibe here! :o) Happy Weekend, Rebecca ((LOVE & LIGHT))


Those are a bunch of colorful Buddhas! I never thought about them being topless, but I guess they are. Also glad this place has no binding rules so they can be here.
I am also glad to be here this morning. It is like seeing the smile and attention of friends when you walk into a room. My life is blessed to be here.
Thank you for all you do.



It's a wonderful way to be awakened this gloomy morning here! The picture is bright as a new penny. Makes me smile!!! Thank you!!


This time I have written an artistic form of the haiku called Naisaiku. Please feel free to visit.

gloria y

infinite awakenings!!! thank you, rebecca!

Gloria Y

mischievous prayer flag
skips on breeze then suddenly
slaps me on the head

boy, have I got some catching up to do... :)


love LOVE your haiku!!

and the multitude of Buddhas


{{ no worries }}


How lovely... to see us all here in your Buddha pic... I'm the light blue one, holding my prayer mala, blissed with the beauty that emanates from here and each link...


every day
the light wakes me
with rainbows
I have been dreaming
in gypsy tents...

xox - eb.

peggy gatto

What a bright smile this morning!!!
My post is also about light!


my walk

thank you Rebecca
for this gathering,

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, your photo and your words make me smile today. So colorful and whimsical. Thanks, Rebecca.


yes, ma'am, it's all about the light...amen, sister, amen...xo

Jill K. Berry

How did I miss the Buddha convention? Clearly I am too busy, I never have missed it before.


Gorgeous intense color sitting there so peacefully.

deb taylor

You make my heart sing...happy colorful playful Buddhas...of course!!


Light and Light hearted.



Noelle Clearwater

Hello dear,
Just stopped in to leave a love note on your beautiful image of colorful buddhas and the lovely inference to Frost's Fire and Ice poem. i think that this quotation from the Buddha has to be my favorite. I am inspired by it. I believe that if it is alright with you, I will use it in my thesis, perhaps in the front pages. i am very grateful. Thank you.
Much love,

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Where, oh where does one find so many colorful Buddhas?

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