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February 17, 2012


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AlterEgoMexicana a part of something larger than merely waiting...WoW! Your haiku started my day off with beauty, hope, and joy for what is yet to come. A truly awesome post, Rebecca!


Your words really touched me today Rebecca! Wonderful photos, wonderful haiku, wonderful post!

Magical Mystical Teacher

No more cartwheels for me either! :)


move in kindness,
towards your*self...

100 water birds
at day's end
Night Dreams
of 100 possibilities ...

R everywhere }}


Nothing feels more wonderful than to welcome the weekend reading "bring me close to God" and admiring beautiful art. Happy Friday, Rebecca.

Kim Mailhot

Hello Lovely One !
I feel a little disconnected from our sweet circle as I have been away awhile. Always to good to return to a place that welomes my heart so lovingly.
Sending light and love to your tender winter heart!


If this duplicates...please feel free to remove one.

I am away, computer doing odd things

but all is good, change for us is happening like these swiftly beating wings...


Sue Fox

I'm urging on spring alongside you my lovely,
my forever friend.

Sue x


Yes. Very holy -- all of it, and you!


yes yes yes
wings spread
diving with the light
dancing till you drop...

sending out the love,

xox - eb.


This kindness to change, to welcome it like an old friend, as the wings of our heart help us find the way home... XOXOXO

Carol (artmusedog)

Wonderful post ~ awesome photos ~ excellent haiku ~ magical and warming ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ enjoy the weekend ^_^


Your haiku is sublime, Rebecca.
And the words of advice...
such beautifully chosen words
for a statement so true.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I, too, am hungry for spring--and it's a mild, warmish day in So Cal. I am so grateful because my eldest son Joe, DIL Laura, and Zach and Arlo are visiting for a few days. And our weather is cooperating. I love your bird photos--and I love you, too.

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca...sometimes it is a magical moment like this that turns our whole outlook around.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Although I love winter, I too, am waiting for spring with baited breath. Anticipation is in the air.

peggy gatto

Daffodils and snowbells and star flowers popping up in the yard!
This is the prettiest time in our garden AND Nature does the work!!!!
Have a beautiful day!

Mama Zen

Breathtakingly beautiful!


I love visiting your blog. You are so true, we are hungry for light. I haven't been able to post lately because I feel as though I am holding my breathe for Spring. Need to exhale!


Although many of us may be entering the winter of our lives, we can hold spring deep in our hearts.


I thought I had linked already, but I hadn't done that. So I have linked you to my haik-blog with a series of haiku on LOVE

Hettienne Grobler

Such a beautiful post! My heart did cartwheels reading those words combined with the pictures of such beauty. I could not make Haiku my Heart but will be back next week. blessings


So sorry. I posted late, (Saturday morning). I posted early on Friday, before you had Haiku My Heart up and running, then, I was on the road, away from a computer until now.
I love the water birds. Beautiful photo, beautiful haiku. Wonderful thoughts for any morning or evening.
Thank you for brightening my days.

Much Peace


I haven't tried this for quite sometime but hopefully joining will give me a kick to get going!

Gloria Y

somehow, today I felt this deeply: even when we are unaware of it, we are moving one another to higher ground...even if in our confusion we feel compelled to do otherwise. we are, in fact, moving one another to higher ground. so good to have this lovely place to come and reflect on such insights. thank you, again.


this is a beautiful post... i know just what you mean about those birds in flight and the gift of a moment that sets you free...

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