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February 23, 2012


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Dear Rebecca, how do these synchronicities happen? I woke this morning with my haiku tumbling from my sleep... and find here that we have cups of sweetness to share indeed. How I too look forward to Fridays, thank you for this place for us to all come together and share such beauty. XO

Noelle Clearwater

Hello rebecca dear. So glad you made it and lovely to see your sweet geisha gracing the page. You are a joy in my life and it is such a treat for me to be able to do this once in a while even though I should be burying my nose in a book. I remember this haiku and how it touched me the first time I read it. It still reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh. Thank you for linking me my dear friend!

Anthony North

Love that haiku.


Haiku, arriving, every Friday. The days before Haiku My Heart is in my mind. That's when I'll see all my friends. That's when I'll visit them and they'll come to my place and share their kindness. This interchange is priceless. May you know how I anticipate this weekly experience.
In the beginning, I would want to hopefully write something that would make the people stand up and take notice. Now, the writing comes from the heart, not the head, and we say what we need to say to each other, provoking thought, humor, sadness, mirth and an emotional roller coaster of feelings for each other, all through our haiku.
I thank you for this gift.

Much Peace

Sue Fox

Friday's tea is extra special for me too knowing I'm sharing with friends.

Sue x


It's Friday again and I'm drawn here by the beauty of the words and today the picture is so very beautiful. Happy day to you! You made mine!

Carol (artmusedog)

Good Morning to you and blessings you and thanks for hosting this wonderful event ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

Laura Hegfield

time for my morning kukicha:-)

Magical Mystical Teacher

a cup of hot tea
no sugar and no lemon
honey of your eyes

Magical Mystical Teacher

Friday's cup of tea
no sugar and no lemon
honey from your eyes


I had a perfect day yesterday, and I'm so glad to share it with you with my photos and haikus! Thanks so much Rebecca, for making this possible every Friday! I will visit the rest of the circle in the weekend, as the hours of this day flew and it is already late in the afternoon...


All those small cups are brimming with ferver and joy each week. It is truly a pleasure to be a part of this with you and all that participate. Yours is such a elegant haiku today...and the image is wonderful! Have a beautiful and warm weekend, Rebecca!


Tea and thee
sweet company


Always the perfect words.
I, too, look forward to Fridays.
Being part of this group has been a real blessing.


Many thanks for this beautiful cup of kindness and friendship, Rebecca... I love taking tea here. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


i have no haiku today but popped into to visit see you...what you've been up to...what a delight to visit here, miss rebecca...i tip my cup to you..xo


I am so happy to be here : ) So happy YOU are here! Much love!

Kim Mailhot

This week has had some lessons about remembering to keep myself filled up in order to have the energy and strength to give where my heart wants to give. Taking the time to write a haiku, and then to share it here, in this sweet community of big hearts, is something that fills me up. I am grateful for that !
I am also so grateful for the light and love that you bring to the world, Rebecca. Thank your for sending me a tangible piece of that love and light in a lovely giftie I found in my mail box this week. I will treasure my sweet milagro. It made my heart glow bright.
Love you, Beautiful One.

deb taylor

I look so forward to Haiku with You... cocktail hour every Friday to drink in all this word- rich syrup and visual nectar!


I love that line "drink deep from small cups"-beautiful. Happy weekend Rebecca!

peggy gatto

A beautiful haiku!!! I love the picture!
I think I managed to write a genuine haiku
5/7/5 !!!!!!!!
I am always learning after stumbles!

Fran aka Redondowriter

While most of you are drinking virtual tea while visiting here, I am drinking deliciously strong Peets coffee. Thanks, Rebecca, for your inspiration. I always feel uplifted visiting you, seeing your photos and reading words that never cease to inspire me.


I love the feel of 'quiet dreams' and 'small cups.' What a charming haiku! It reinforces my wish of shopping for a new cute tea set again.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love your small cups line in the haiku and drinking each other in in your post. I love the photo too. Your words are encouraging rebecca.

Queenie Believe

A wonderful visual with words!
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

Jill K. Berry

I just got shivers. Your haiku is about tea, and small cups. So is mine. Oh Rebecca. xooxo


my small cup
is indeed full
and large
with light...

xox - eb.


endearing haiku, filled with warmth and wonder..


The King said -Sail!-
The wind said -No-
What good is it to be King?


Hey Rebbeca. I'm like a bull in a glass shop. But I think I'm getting it. The duck shots are great. They say less is more. I say more is more. Because if you did have it. You still push yourself to have more. Hoping that you becoming the best at what you do. You make it look easy.

Hope to see you.
David & Sarah

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