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February 08, 2012


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"richly layered spiritual cake" fave flavor! LOVED seeing all the spirit-creating in the sun here, Rebecca... Has me itching to get home to my studio and paint! Happy Day :o) ((LOVE & LIGHT))

Silky Hart

Takes me right back. So fun to see these photos of everyone! Your writing is poetry! xoxo, Silky

sharon furner

A wonderful colorful surprise, these last two postings. Everything is so colorful, love the flags, same ones I used to hang from my porch in Maryland, color color color everywhere....then the ghosts of white canvas. What a contrast....Ah, intimidating WHITE until you temper with splashes of water over puddles of paint, forming abstracts to stretch the imagination. Great sequence of photographs and prose telling your story (and others.) Every participant will want copies of of their journey that you are offering as a last gift from your hands, eyes and heart. Just a wonderful sharing for the rest of us who would have loved to have joined you. I would have been happy to just change everyone's paint water!!!! Ah happy day.....more to come tomorrow????? smiles: sharon


Please keep posting this wonderful trip. It feeds me.


Wonderful!! It is always so much fun to see how a blank white canvas can be transformed into a masterpiece, no two alike, not another one ever like this one! Good going to Flora for setting her students free and helping them to go for it, in a spiritual way! It is a true gift to be able to loose oneself while using her or his imagination. Heaven!
Thanks for serving up this exquistie post!
Your photos and words, sublime!


I noticed after commenting, that Silky left a you a comment, so went back up to see her here in your post. We meet when we were late teens, our parents being neighbors. She is a lovely person and I'm happy you we're able to meet one another!!


Love, love, love this sweet, many layered feast! XO


Thank you for all of these delicious posts. Sweet as cake Yes!
I am saving them in my Bloom true journal.


omgosh! that looks like soooo much fun!! i was just on her site today and saw there was an online class de+light+full

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