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February 01, 2012


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You brightened a gloomy day with the words of hope and the colors vibrant joy! Brought a smile to my face. Wishing you well and hoping your recovery is speedy!!!

Hettienne Grobler

gorgeous! such radiance! I felt like climbing into the canvas and tasting those colours! blessings and health to you!


what a

{{ so what else is new? }}


~~to peer over
the edge
of one's limitations~~

i would happily order
a frosty glass
of THAT!


Don't you think that Paradise must be painted in these colors? It makes me smile and happy to see this burst of joy that to me represents a gift from the Universe, a reflection of the soul that inhabits the hands that bring this forth.

Thank you, love. I too hope for what you told me, soon, very soon would make me so happy. With oysters.


It is beautiful the colors and subject matter and the expression of freedom that Flora has allowed you bring into our world. Flora's art is the expression of pure J O Y!



just now resurfacing...happy to find the light BLOOMING here!!

just lovely


Janet Ghio

Oh Rebecca-you are so lucky to have taken a class from Flora and in such a great place as San Miguel!!


These pictures are bursting with colour and beauty ~ Thanks for sharing them ~


Dear Rebecca, I am so excited to read that you did a course with Flora Bowley!! Floras art is stunning, and your beautifully described tribute is really moving and brightened by day!! I hope alls well with you. Wini xo

sharon furner

Does Flora know what a special friend she has in you? I am sure she does. You brightened Flora's world, and she yours and others. It is miraculous that you were able to have this beautiful week painting, making new friends, experimenting, savoring, all before your surgery.
Your prose sings praises to your new friend! Your photos show us every fingerprint, dot and dash, which created a unique piece.
I hope you are building up your strength for you must be very eager to paint and get messy all over! smiles: sharon


Rebecca, such a beautiful colorful post! I hope you are feeling better and getting stronger! Sending warm healing prayers for you.


Oh rebecca
every moment was thrilling...


I can hear your heart singing along with the painit! wonderful. winderful!


VERY exciting... so wonderful you had this opportunity to create & connect with such an inspiring artist & creative healer... Just LOVE seeing all these details from Flora's beautiful, hugely inspiring work. :o) Happy Day, Rebecca ((LOVE & LIGHT))

patricia howell

dearest Rebecca,,you recreated all the beautiful moments from our time together with our beautiful Flora in San Miguel de Allende..what an amazing workshop ,so filled with joy and laughter and tears so much heart opening ,you bought tears to my eyes with remembering .thank you ..I hold you in my prayers that your health is returned and you will soon be covering your canvas with your amazing colours too..thank you for arranging this extraordinary you Patsy


Dear Rebecca,
Your words our poetry and you captured so elegantly our amazing experience we shared together. You are a magnificent inspiration to me. I hold you close to my heart, always. What a gift you gave to all of us by arranging this magnificent time in your beloved San Miguel de Allende.
All my love, Silky

peggy gatto

I hope 1 day to take a workshop from her!


oh... i'm SO glad to read that you were able to take part in this wonder.


Thank goodness for your bright intuition, your wild courage and your big LOVE. It was brought all of us together, in that beautiful place, for that extraordinary experience.

It all feels so out of time now... like did it really happen?

Feeling so lucky to have had that time with you and with that special constellation of women.

love you Rebecca,

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