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February 07, 2012


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Barbara Schwartz

My morning prayer for today:

Today is the second day of Flora's class. Today we're to close our eyes and put paint on canvas. This way of working with lack of conscious knowing is soulful work. Like praying. I am so excited about not knowing and particularly not needing to know. So much of my life has been dependent on knowing how, knowing why, on knowing if only this would happen then that would too. May I embrace not knowing and keep it ready for all occasions. Amen.

There is such power in working with a group of like minded people. As I begin to paint, I feel myself in San Miguel de Allende, painting with a group of artists learning how soulful painting can be when we don't know where we are going.


I can just picture this...all you brave creative souls

gathered in the light of San Miguel

the paper picados that you have previously shared found their way into my prayer flags, unfurling for my dad. Will share soon.


what a beautiful beautiful place.

Silky Hart

Love seeing all of our intentions in that wondrous courtyard -- such a magical experience! xoxo, Silky

Miss Robyn

lovely. what wonderful affirmations painted onto paper..
I would have loved to do the e-workshop.. maybe next time :)


I am taking the e-course to keep all the positive energy flowing. It was so sweet sitting in our circle allowing those good feelings into my hEART....and then out into the world.

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