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January 18, 2012


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Sue Fox

What a beautiful people and heart warming postcards from paradise, drink in all that delights your soul!

Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Every animal needs to be blessed. So do I--and so do you! Blessings to us all! Amen!

lyle baxter

you dont need to say a word , do you! what wonderful pictures. and how pleased the children are to show us their favorites! thanks for sharing this smile today!


this makes me smile... love those yellow canaries in the bright green cage, and the spotted puppy, and that smiling ginger-striped cat :)

Ms. Moon

I showed these to my grandson. He liked them very much.

Kim Mailhot

Blessings on creatures of all shapes and sizes.
Love this beautiful journey you are on, Sweet Heart. So glad to come along through your posts.
Light and love!


I love the blessing of the animals. My church does it every year and the gathering of love and compassion is always magical.

Queenie Believe

Beautiful faith tradition!! Your photos are sooo wonderful... they brought a tear to the eye.
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie


Wonderful blessing of the family pet members. Great photos. Blessings to you too Rebecca. Great day to you.

peggy gatto

How lovely, special and innocent!!!
Thanks for these!!!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

I think we do that here on St. Francis' feast day. What wonderful images!


My heart has just been warmed! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of adorable children and animals. I looked at what could be my favorite photo. Nahh, all of them!


o these pictures! they are a feast for my winter eyes...soo sweet and special


There is so much love here... it is palpable... I feel like I could almost reach through my screen and caress those beautiful faces... thank you for sharing this special blessing. XO

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Looks at all those pets! I love turtles. I have owned a few of the same species as in the photo.

Fran aka Redondowriter

How delightful, Rebecca. The blessing of the animals has become very common these days in our local churches. I always love to watch--and once participated, but my old dog Cookie was terrified.


I can only imagine how awesome witnessing the blessing of the animals must have been!
Great photos! Travel safely home tomorrow!


what a wonderful tradition!

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