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January 29, 2012


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I knew something was happening when many of the others in our community were sending their thoughts and prayers. It is so good to hear you have turned a corner and I assume that to be you are on the mend.
I like that, our community. We are a pack, a gathering of loving souls standing with and for each other whenever the need arises, and just for general purpose, we pray we are all getting along okay.

Much Peace with your rest and recovery.


I read your post and offer my apologies that i was unaware something was up until your last post - 'the string is thin' at times, but strong enough' I was once asked by a physician, are you at the end of your rope? and i swear I looked down, and nope, there it was only a little left but i was most definitely not quite at the end. Only a few feet, like hope, gives us enough to hold onto and our friends allow us to be carried and to rest in their hearts.. rest now, let others can carry you. My post too is about hope, hope inspired by tragedy but hope just the same. I sometimes plant my feet on the earth and run positive energy deep into the ground, I visualize the energy red and binding, holding me to this place, occasionally tenuous but held by great love, of others and of ourselves. Be well.

Carol (artmusedog)

Wishing you a speedy and well earned recovery ~ enjoy each day and the 'sacred in the ordinary' ~ not always easy to do when one doesn't feel well ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)


Prayers of thankfulness.
Enjoying all the colors of hope.
with love to you rebecca


The colors of hope are everywhere when we allow ourselves to see them. Thank you for the energy you put into your postcard today - may it come back to you a thousand fold. We are all praying for your strength and energy to return very soon, dear Rebecca.


The candles are lit as they have been this past week and they will stay lit until you come and you, yourself will put them out. What a blessing that nothing can put out our friendship. Nothing could. It is real and we both are. That is the thread that can't ever be thin and that holds us together from the beginning.

deb taylor

Grateful for your efforts here to keep us all connected. Continue to turn those corners softly, healing love and light...Deb & "Mom"

Noelle Clearwater

I am overjoyed to see that you have mustered the energy to make a post today. I have been all morning making one for you, not knowing that you would be hosting postcards today. I was fully expecting the miraculous to occur. I had embraced it, and I am still assured that you will reach the other side my dear friend. Nothing can keep your beauty and goodness from the world. You are a force of nature. I am holding you in the light and I will go and walk the labryinth for you today in prayer. I love you! The post is for you.


We are all held together in the eternal flame of love and healing. This was the most beautiful post. The photo is the Sacred Heart of Jesus which I know many of us believe in and those who don't still receive the healing energy. You are so beautiful in form and spirit. What a blessing to me to have found your blog.


I feel bad that I didn't know of your suffering and hope you'll forgive me my negligence. I send healing thoughts and love.

Always love.

sharon furner

All of the offerings of words which precede me, gives an inkling of an idea how honored you are, loved and respected....more than you can perhaps know. Your friends match the stars in the sky. Your written words today speak in many languages to many people. Without HOPE there is only darkness....Hope only lives in light. You have spent much energy to prepare a place for all of us to share our concern and express our feelings toward you and your husband and son who are taking such good care of you.
Outside your window your peek at the sky is totally blazing in cerulean, pink blossoms circling your head and heart. May the beauty outside your windows speak to your strength and lift you up as you work through a recovery period. With love Sharon


Happy Happy to hear you have rounded that corner...sending you loads more light and love.

I used your Postcards from the I have been on the edge, back and forth between both place and hopeful/helplessness and thought.


Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Paradise has taken me to a reawakening of my love for writing poetry and photography. I'm glad to hear you are better.


I've been mia from blogland for several days and just return now to find that you have been ill. I keep you in my prayers, Rebecca. Every thought is a prayer.



i don't know what you've been going through, but i'm so glad you've turned an important corner. you know i'm here if you need me. still praying...

Karin Otto-Burfict

Sending you Love, strength and the root of happiness...
You are an inspiration....

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, how you can find the energy to write your sacred words and post sacred images when you are recuperating is inspirational to me. I was going to skip today's Postcards out of sheer laziness and then when I saw you post today, I said, "I can do that." Please continue to get well and strong day by day. You are in my prayers.

Kim Mailhot

Light and love flowing abundantly to you, Dear Heart. Heal well.


strength and wellness to you.


Paradise has taken me down under and back again... where circles of sand and stars gently kiss the earth... where hope appears as all colors of the rainbow, this promise ours to keep after the storm...

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