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January 08, 2012


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Ms. Moon

A perfect poem for my this-morning's heart. Thank-you, dear rebecca.


oh... it's hard to find words. thank you for this beauty. for choosing this poem/prayer which so expresses my own heart.


I'm lifted up on this Sunday morning. I want to do something productive, something stimulating; I want to fly with the birds, the cattail fluff, and the rippling water.

Hettienne Grobler

Mary Oliver's words go so beautifully with these photographs! thank you for this inspiration

Noelle Clearwater

Dearest rebecca,
I was moved to tears at these images and this prayer that is such a deep heart cry of the soul. I am that student, hunched over books right now, waiting till the last minute,praying for a little respite of time but the lessons of water, birdflight, cattails and sunlit afternoons are forever in my heart. These are the pages of angel's prayerbooks and the lessons that God teaches. This is the gentle offering of a friend who walked,prayed and brought these lessons back for me to see so that I might know love and support in a way that I have not in a long time. I was thirsty and you gave me to drink; I was hungry and you gave me bread. Thank you for this beauty of soul and heart my dear friend. Food for the journey.
Much Love,

Carol (artmusedog)

wonderful photos ~ and words are very awesome as well ~ thanks for hosting this event ~~ Thanks, namaste,carol (A Creative Harbor)

deb taylor

you make Sunday mornings feel like a child again, sitting in church, when the music was so harmonic, and the air was filled with magic on Christmas Eve. ~ I love you ~ flap flap


My Sunday morning is usually spent in my church: the kitchen. Can more love be given in the most silent and undemanding way than to cook for someone else? The sweet prayers for comfort that may go into a loaf of bread, or the hope for a long marriage filled with love and good things, as in the wedding cake I am about to bake? Mary Oliver has her church and I do mine. We both believe, is there anything else more important to hold us together?


Mary Oliver's words are from our hearts.
Just love those cat tails in the morning sun.

Sue Fox

It never ceases to amaze me how synchronicity hovers over our circle of friends we all seem to be in-touch in some mysterious way.

Beautiful images and inspirational words.

Sue x


Your back lit birds...dancing in their flight.

stunning and amazing!!

and so perfectly paired with Mary Oliver's words. I have just returned from the magic of fat flakes, full moon and snow shoe trekking.



Amazing poem and photos Rebecca. You live in a very beautiful place. x


Love those birds in flight and all your photos are just awesome. Love Mary Oliver's words. Hugs to you Rebecca. Thank you for this Sunday prayer, I needed it.


Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. Your post here was so amazing. I am looking to renew my spiritual focus this year, but it is not easy. Thanks for sharing such a personal and touching story.


Such an absolutely stunning poem of Oliver's -- one I've never read, so thank you! And the photos are marvelous as well -- I particularly like the cat-tails -- the reddish tint in the sparkly light.


Fantastic pictures of ducks and of cattails. I don't get there often enough.

Kim Mailhot

WHat glorious poetry you and Mary have created here, Beautiful Heart ! It makes my heart rush with joy!

Happy MOnday, My friend !


Drinking deeply, and gratefully from this well... :o) Happy Day, Rebecca ((HUGS))


You may be surprised, Rebecca, but when I read this beautiful, moving, poem, I thought it was yours. I was startled at the end! I am a Mary Olivier fan...her poetry moves me in the same way yours does, and touches me the same way. Your styles are indistinguishable for me...the pictures are so always...Thank you, Rebecca, xoO

Magical Mystical Teacher

You left me breathless on that walk to the pond...

sharon furner

Thank you for telling me that this is your view from your home. It is heaven on earth....such a blessing physically and spiritually.
Olivia who posted before me mentioned that she thought MO poem was yours....see, what I keep saying....all the more reason to pull it together in a book, even a Blurb book, with one of your paintings you will do, or your photography....such a gift you would be giving to all of us....
Safe love the cattails. We used to take our children each fall to Lake Tahoe to gather cattails for our home. Often they burst into seed on the way home...such a sight, such a fond memory that I had forgotten until I saw your beautiful images. Thank you. smiles: sharon


I have this book Rebecca.
What a gift to see these imagines bring one of the poems to life.

I adore Mary Oliver.

So much has been going on . How are you?
Life is so so precious.

I love that you know that . That you give that.

sending love dear Rebecca. xoxo

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