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January 11, 2012


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Complete joy!

Sue Fox

What an opportunity has knocked on your door, you have opened it wide not just for yourself but for 13 others. Have the most fabulous Joy filled week.

I may get my paints out, cover a door in my house with wall lining paper and paint in wild abandonment as though standing with you all!

Sue x

Coloring Outside the Lines

So pretty! Love your expressions of joy this week!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Gorgeous post from a gorgeous spirit! Love you, Rebecca.

Kim Mailhot

Oh, I don't know quite why but this post makes me cry...from the beauty of it...those hands, that creation...So so glad that you have been having this experience, Beautiful One ! So glad.

Big Love !


I can't wait to find JOY vicariously with you in the coming see you BLOOM in San Miguel!!



Just beautiful! I've always been in love with southwestern art (if that is the correct term?) and this is a feast for my eyes!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, Rebecca. Your blog is a treat. :)


gorgeous color
sharing your infectious JOY
have a wonderful time...

xox - eb.

sharon furner

J~O~Y Love that word. Love your expression of it as you find something to be joyful about everyday of your life. What a beautiful attitude to have.
And now as you prepare to leave, I wish you a very JOY FILLED week with Flora and all of your new and old friends. Wish I could be tucked in your pocket to see all that you will experience.
Safe journey... joyfully yours, sharon

Laura Hegfield

wonderful, joyfilled images...I especially love the prayerful hands splashed with colorful paint!

Queenie Believe

Remarkable doors? hmmmmm... A series of small-ish refound and newfound doors, yes. I feel something of the remarkable brewing... Waiting with anticipation and searching to find its door.
Wonderful post!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Oh yes! my perfect door of joy is with someone who wants to share my kitchen :) and to whom I wish the safest journey to be back filled with joy and sunshine.


Hope and prayers for a wonderful safe trip.


Magical Mystical Teacher

remarkable door,
you have opened in my soul
I am walking through

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Yes. I walk thru as many doors and I can!


dear rebecca, i wish you all joy as you pursue this dream-come-true.

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