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January 09, 2012


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Gemma Wiseman

This sounds divine! I love easy cooking! And your artwork of each stage is wonderful!


Ohhhhh, that recipe sounds so good! We are fans of Mexican food in this house, I will have to try that!


I just tried scotch bonnet pepper sauce for the first time in my life today. I love peppers of all kinds, but most of all I love the chilis you shared with us today. Thanks.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Hot peppers, hot art, hot artist! :)


Love that artwork! Love the recipe. I just used the last of the roasted frozen New Mexican green chiles I had. I have been wanting to build a small roaster to use around here, maybe I will. We have quite a vibrant Mexican markwt in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Plenty of poblanos and other types available. A batch of chile verde is in our future. Thanks.


lyle baxter

the chile recipe went off to my son in law who loves all things hot and I would like to have the pepper pics. the colors are perfect! thanks from both of us!

Ms. Moon

Chili rellenos are always my first meal when I get to Mexico. They weren't on the menu when we got to our "first night" restaurant but I asked and they made them for me anyway.
They were so good.
Beautiful art.

Maria @ LSS

The recipe sounds good. Thanks for sharing. Happy RT!

Mine's here.


Ooooh very very nice Rebecca!! Love how you gave us step by step instructions. In fact the day before yesterday chili's were roasting out in the patio on a huge burner and this gal forgot all about them and they burned. TA DA! tee hee. Excellent painting you have there and chili rellenos are one favorite food to eat. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the week.


I love this recipe and the chili santos. I thinkI need one for my own kitchen to remind me what wonderful foods come from my beloved southwest!


Yes!! Lucky us indeed. I WILL give it a go, most definitely Rebecca~
I HEART Chili peppers and also this fine painting of them at your hermanos!!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

So nice to see you here Rebecca. I love the photos. The recipe sounds divine.


ahhhh, you are speaking my so many ways!! I am gathering ideas for my painting with the girls tonight and was already seeing orange persimmons against blue/purple ground...perhaps I will be adding some spice!!

deb taylor

Oh how my mouth waters as I remember that day you arranged for us...roasting peppers, sipping tequila for breakfast and smashing garlic and tomatillos...your painting describes my taste-buds!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I had to come back and share my "ruby poem" with you, Rebecca. Enjoy!


Hester’s letter, scarlet “A,”
Gave the gossips much to say,
But their rudeness she forbore,
For she knew she was no whore.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Leah H.

Oh, yummy! What a lovely art..

Visiting for RT 2 ! Here's my share- hope you can visit:)

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