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January 05, 2012


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Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca for yet another Friday Happiness.. makes my day.. always.. :)

Helen Campbell

Wonderful photo, Rebecca. Your words always touch my heart. Happy Friday!

Susie Clevenger

The image and words so beautiful...everyone I have ever known is a star in the lightening sky...that brings me such comfort

Sue Fox

It seems I have conduit straight to your innermost thoughts, was thinking along the lines of birds, hope and light before I opened this mornings haiku, so off I go to find the words.....

Love Sue x

Anthony North

Lovely words for a great picture.

Rosie Gan

Your haiku always strike the right chords. Feathering of hope...birds do have that universal appeal to us as symbols of hope, peace.Love and peace to you, Rebecca for 2012.
Rosie Gan

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, I love your haiku, Rebecca! But I'm going to tinker with it, changing the last line, as we talked about in person the other day. Yes, I know, you didn't leave the last line out, along with an invitation to play...but I feel like playing (since I can't sleep) here:

feathering of hope
how you embody the light
diluting darkness

And here:

feathering of hope
how you embody the light
wild benediction

And here:

feathering of hope
how you embody the light
in my dark seasons

And one more:

feathering of hope
how you embody the light
in this wilderness

Thank you for letting me play, dear one, and for providing the arena in which to do it: community!


just a tiny miracle

xox - eb.


I think it is amazing how your words and mine are so alike this morning. Sometimes, we sense the same vibrations as others. I know your words and feelings come from your heart as theyb are beautiful.



You didn't think I would quit writing haikus and joining the circle now did you Rebecca?! No way!!! I want to wish you all the best in 2012 - I hope all your dreams come true! I'll be here (almost) every week to join... let's rock and roll!


Amazing picture!!! What beautiful movement!!! The words fill one with hope!!! Thank you!!!!


"""unfastening my heart"""
in Trust & Enjoyment


Hettienne Grobler

thank you for this inspiration!

Carol (artmusedog)

Delightful loving post and awesome photo ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)


It's brilliant, Rebeccca!
and then...
in that bright unfastening and everyone i have ever known
is a star in the lightening sky.
That blew my mind.


"unfastening my heart"... my own is unfolding under these words and images of your, Rebecca...dazzling! Happy Days ((HUGS))


your words are soaring as the unfastening of your heart...releasing to the morning.

I am off but shall return to savor all the early winter haiku


Love you


you have china blue and i have grapefruit...miss rebecca i hope you write these in a book someday...feathering of hope...sigh...i heart that..happy friday to you and safe travels...

peggy gatto

Thank you for my new lovely friday morning!
Now I am off to visit!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Your photo is not easily matched. Great haiku. I love how you always come up with something different each week to inspire us and bless us with your kind words.


Hope finds flight here... thank you Rebecca for this canvas that you hold for us all... XO


I love "unfastening my heart". Actually I love the entire haiku and image.Thank you so very much.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

hope is a feathered thing, methinks.

Mama Zen

So lovely!

Noelle Clearwater

Dearest rebecca,
It seems that we have been dreaming the same dream or the dreamer has been dreaming us for I have birds today as well. How completely lovely. This Rush of grey wings and bright feathered spirit reflecting the very heart of Light and thereby unfastening your own beautiful and cherubic one from its celestial seat. I am told that birds, in Native American lore are symbolic of the visit of those who have passed. Mothers often return as birds to visit their children. After my mother passed, when I first started going to Pacifica, I was wending my way down the road toward the campus when a raven started following my car. She flew and followed me all the way up the hill and stood by my car as I got out. I was certain it was my mom seeing me off on my first day at school and wishing me well. This is a beautiful image rebecca from a beautiful heart. Be well my dear friend.
Much Love,

Fran aka Redondowriter

I've made a few bird art journal pages recently, too, but birds are an instant symbol for me of God's presence. If I find a feather, that's frosting on the cake. Feathering of hope. I like that very much. Today is the Feast of the Epiphany and feathering of hope fits perfectly.

Kim Mailhot

Those sweet birds, those miraculous wings, those powerful feathers...hope in all.

Much love to your beautiful hopeful heart !

deb taylor

Rebecca, YOU have unfastened MY heart just long enough to pause, pose and post. Thank you

Jill K. Berry

Thinking of you, and hoping our paths cross someday soon. Mexico? Someday, I know it.
A huge big hug to you.

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