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January 13, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Catch those long-standing dreams, dear one!

Ramesh Sood

Have a happy ,joyous and cheerful time.. all put together absolutely your own time.. Rebecca... all the best..


I wish you a most joyful and romantic trip to your beloved San Miguel - you lucky devil! I can't wait to see what images you offer up from SMA! Have a delightful workshop with all your friends...I'll be here dreaming of our Easter trip together.
Be safe, while breathing in all that magical Mexican energy!


Have a nice and safe trip dear! Enjoy, enjoy!

Sue Fox

I'll be dreaming alongside you all the way there and back...

Sue x

lyle baxter

enjoy every minute!do something daring!

Carol (artmusedog)

Bon Voyage ~ know you will have a wonderful time ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)


Have a wonderful safe trip. We'll miss you here, but await your return and report.



I hope your trip is everything glorious.
Be safe. ♥♥♥


i so wish
i were in San Miguel
with you all!

The Best Time
art*making & such
with friends
old & new...


Wonderful and safe trip to you. Take lots of pics.


I hope you have a wonderful trip, Rebecca! Sending love and safe traveling wishes, xoO

Anthony North

Hope you have a safe and excellent trip.

Kim Mailhot

I am really thrilled that you are heading to this place of your heart ! Wonderful !
Send me sunshine rays if you have a chance, okay...
Love you ! Travel well, Beautiful !


Safe travels...and share share share!!

I will be with you, in spirit, hanging right there in the magical light of San Miguel.


Helen Campbell

Wishing you a safe and soul satisfying trip!

karen gerstenberger

Bon voyage and traveling mercies to you!

Queenie Believe

Safe travels on your adventure!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

peggy gatto


Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love the skeleton dressed up like she's going somewhere. What is she called again?


Your words and pictures are just sos vivid and beautiful!!! I can hardly wait to visit!!!!


That I were in your bag... may your time be rich and full of dreams come true... XO

Fran aka Redondowriter

So glad you are off on a wild and wonderful dream trip. I've got to get my haiku mojo going. Oh, what to write about today? Safe travels!


go go go! ....with a vagabond heart.


Mama Zen

Be safe and be well!


Wishing you safe, happy & inspired travels, Rebecca :o) ((HUGS))


Enjoy chasing those dreams Rebecca. What a wonderful thought! I can't help thinking of you flitting about with a big butterfly net.


I hope you have a marvellous time Rebecca!
Rosie =)

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