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December 20, 2011


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Fran aka Redondowriter

Absolutely exquisite, Rebecca, and what a handsome, grown-up son you have now. These pictures and your words are priceless.


As the Season of Light approaches and the new dawn paints the sky with colors that could only belong there, I send you a wish for good health, contentment and may you walk in the Light always, surrounded by the fragrance that brings the brightest and sweetest memories to life.

lyle baxter

What a wonderful story! and what a good looking son all growed up! may you have a healthier New Year . Its been fun meeting and talking with you!

deb taylor

I can smell this again and again, over and over. Such a beautiful post. and oh those photos...what I wouldn't give to cut down a tree with my own One Son. You tree is stunning, so beautiful, adorned with so much love. I can look at it forever. and I can also hear that couple heart is light. Thank you.

Donna The Woodwife

I loved the story of your son and the key!! My boys are grown now too so I miss the magic. I remember my past when I was 12 or so - and I found out there was no Santa - I was devastated. I guess that is why I am always searching for miracles and magic to this very day - and have found it over and over.....Happy Holidays!!


Chili peppers and it!
Sending you wishes for a very
Merry Christmas!

peggy gatto

Lovely story. I always like hearing about holiday traditions!
Wishing you a
Mary Christmas and the best 2012!!!


Ah sweet memories, just intoxicating, so very well written. Happy Holidays and the best to you in 2012.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Lovely post that tugs at the heart strings. Is it too personal to share at FinallyMe?

Queenie Believe

Beautiful, your post is truly a Christmas moment!!! (I'm having a serious Kleenex moment)
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Always, Queenie

Kim Mailhot

Oh, what a gift you have shared, Rebecca. A loving dose of Christmas spirit delivered with a story so sweet. I receive it in gratitude and joy.

Thank you love, and wishing you a merry, merry little Christmas now and always !
Love you !


A sweet, sweet story.
Thank you.


What a lovely tender post!!! You started my day with such beauty! My very best to you and Merry Christmas!!!

Soul Journeys

I too love that heady scent of pine, it always says Christmas season to me. lovely post!

Adriana Esqueda

Your words clung to my heart as a beautiful memory. I savored every minute of your post.
Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!


Oh rebecca,
I am here at work and somehow, magically was able to find you and this beautiful story of Christmas past and present. I felt my own spirit traveling on a journey through time, visiting all the hopeful and blessed Christmases that you and Adrian have spent together. Keys are symbolic of so many things and treasure chests of evergreen scented memories that hold our heart's hopes and bind us together in love through the generations are priceless. Your story of the elderly couple's frail voices reminds me of Dylan Thomas's "A Child's Christmas in Wales", one of my favorite stories. Merry Christmas to you dear. Thank you for always keeping the magic of believing alive and well here.
Much Love,


Just this morning I read "The Little Tree" by ee cummings to classes of 2nd graders.
Thank you for sharing the perfect scent of pine and your lovely memories.

cynthia eloise

enjoyed you story. merry christmas.

Andrea thompson

Great story, thanks for sharing!


This post kept me spellbound as I scrolled down and through it. So beautiful, Rebecca. Your son is so handsome and his little boy spirit seems eternal. Thank you for sharing this story of Christmas past with us. Thank you. The images will stick with me for a long time.


What a beautiful story Rebecca! Sometimes things are just perfect aren't they? Happy Christmas to you and your family! xx


Thank you Rebecca for such beautiful words and tender memories they brought to me. Your son, like ours, has grown to have his own life and the memories are more precious. Merry Christmas


i loved these vignettes of Christmas light and joy and hope... all your bright weaving of tiny lights in and around the season. may your Christmas celebration be blessed with abundant love, and may your new year be filled with light and hope. blessings to you and your family, always.

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