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December 24, 2011


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Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful memories you have shared, thank you.
May you have a wonderful Merry Christmas filled with wonderful new memories, my friend.

deb taylor

oh my Beloved Rebecca....please write and publish a book so we can hold you and your precious heart in our hands. ~I love you~

Magical Mystical Teacher

Stoking the fires of love is honorable work any time of year. Merry Christmas!


Strange how fast everything we know can disappear. So eloquent and true! Wishing that you will be at peace making new memories this Christmas!



Thank you Rebecca, for sharing this bit of personal memories with us this Christmas---they are poignant and vivid and special. Thank you for all you do to share yourself and your love with us all year long. I treasure you, xoO


This post should be a book in and of itself, Rebecca! There is just so much to read and savor, so much to see and wonder about. Lookout Mountain? I was married once to a boy from Signal Mountain, so I know that area well.

Anyhow, I hope you have a blessed Christmas with your beautiful family. Thank you for gracing my life.


You have a gift my friend...these words, as so many of yours, tell such beautiful stories. These photographs so perfectly illustrate your words.

Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring us more of YOU and our sharing here.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Your story-telling is so rich and languid I sat in the car and watched you travelling. What a blessing it is to share these memories with you.


I am sorry i have gotten back to your Friday Haiku, I tried to comment there but was unable so add mine here. The merriest of Christmas' to you and yours!

We have lit a candle for Joe and add our light. There is nothing stronger than the lectica of community thought, prayer, healing, which, having carried and been carried, I believe is a miracle of love, indeed love knows all seasons.


your memories are so vividly evocative... and you remind me that we are part of a bigger picture, being created in beauty through all the dark and light of life. thank you for believing in me... i made it to my family's Christmas celebration... exhausting, but worth it.


Noelle Clearwater

I stopped what I was doing to search for your blog and I was, of course, arrested by awe and the pure and deep emotion that only the soul offers when a heart connection is made. Your journey of leaving one life for another, your father's deep and soulful memories so beautifully told, your grandmother's matriarchal and essential significance to the family and most of all, rebecca, the stories of Sarah Jane and your connection with her stole my heart and made me realize how one person's compassionate heart can transform a life. One person reaching out to another in love can make a temporary shelter into a House of Belonging.

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Always beautiful here.

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