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December 29, 2011


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Ramesh Sood

A very Happy New Year, Rebecca.. thanks for spreading light and happiness ... today is happy and future smiles...past didn't last.. God bless..

Noelle Clearwater

What an entirely beautiful way to bring in the new year. Mine is not a new year's post but your doves perched on bright green branches edged with the whitest snow offer such hope for new beginnings and the completion of the year at hand. Most significantly, the offering of friendship, compassion and belonging ring in my heart like a silver bell. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!
Much Love,
Noelle xoxox

Anthony North

Lovely words to bring in a new year.


Delightful pictures and such hope-filled words!!! My best wishes for you this Happy New Year!

Carol (artmusedog)

Love the photos ~ wondering what kind of birds? Lovely Haiku and Happy New Year to you ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^


Happy New Year, Rebecca! Your sweet birds send a wonderful greeting to my haiku heart! Have a wonderful journey as you traverse the New Year!

Mama Zen

Lovely! Happy New Year!


Such a beautiful post, Rebecca. I just want to pet one of those birds, their feathers look so soft. Here's to a love-filled New Year♥♥♥

Kim Mailhot

Wishing you peace and joy in the New Year and always, Dear Heart !

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, my heart feels even more hopeful about the coming year when I read your beautiful words and see your photos. And happy birthday, Noelle. Off to the gym and then the doc, but I'll visit everybody this afternoon.


Perfect way to start the new year...thank you Rebecca for our weekly gathering!


Queenie Believe

A beautiful setiment for the start of the new year and an encouraging word I definitely needed today. Thank you!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

peggy gatto

Happy New Year!!!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Happy New Year Rebecca! I love these photos, especially the one of the two birds. Thank you for all your wonderful comments this year.

Sue Fox

Feeling all comfy and cozy looking at your fluffy bird pics and thinking about 'home of belonging' here at Haiku my Heart - already and set for another year of our tradition!

Loving you always,

Sue x


I made it. You are my inspiration.



What sweet little love doves. Happy new year Rebecca xx

Helen Campbell

Wonderful photos and haiku! Wishing you a blessed New Year, Rebecca!


Dear Rebecca,
Just wanted to pop over and wish you a Happy New Year. =)
Here's to more haiku in 2012... xo
Rosie =)


Rebecca, just wanted to wish you the best year ever. Happy New Year. May this year bring you health, happiness, contentment, and lots of doves.:) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for your beautiful posts this year.


Happy New Year, Rebecca.


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