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December 15, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

Your hauntingly soulful haiku reminds me of summer nights, camping in the forest, and watching the smoke from the campfire spiral up to heaven. So peaceful...

Noelle Clearwater

Hello my dear rebecca,
One of my favorite images of yours. The moon shining on the lake, the trees parting like a pair of altar boys so that the congregation may have a look at the Cathedral of beauty that God has created. I should love to be conversing with stars right now. Last night I saw three meteors showering from the heavens before I was off to bed. I thought, now I can dream. Hope you like the post. :)

Anthony North

I like the idea of prayers slipping thru the clouds.

Sue Fox

Both lingering on the water's edge being lifted by it all....

Sue x


Your haiku is beautiful dear! Love the deep blue sky and the pines lifting the edge... you became a light on Friday in the past year and I'm so happy I found you and joined this circle of haiku-loving friends! Enjoy your weekend!


You do it every time. I find myself right in the middle of the words and pictures. I'm there!!! Thank you!

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ here is my first try at haiku ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH 6-6


My goodness, you folks got a really early start this week. I'm always up so early and I wait for the post to go up. Not this week, I'm just one of those people in the long line of participants.
That's okay. I love Fridays. I love coming here to do Haiku and share with the others.
Your photo is fantastic. I see the moon through the pines here at Spadoville like you do. I'm sure we've looked at it at the same time at least once. Now that's sharing!
Beautiful words to go along with seeing the natural wonder of Grandmother Moon reflecting.
A fine place to be this morning, even if I am late for the party.

Peace to all


Good morning rebecca,
Commenting here with passion that you have inspired. Love it when prayers float on misty clouds.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I love conversing with the stars too!

Kim Mailhot

I am always grateful for the light and love I find here.
Happy Friday, Dear One !


Prayers slip through like clouds...
I live for lines like that.


Happy to be home again...basking in your moonlight

Mama Zen

Lovely haiku!


i have been conversing with the stars
Way Too Early this AM...

look at you!
2 moons
{{ nothing better ♥ }}

~~i am gleefully stripped down
to bare yarn & fabric over here...
Christmas Crafting
to beat the band!

do pop in one & all

mind the moose

deb taylor

such a magical beautiful photo....and my arms are wide open to catch a few prayers slipping thru your open sky!


o how beautiful...pines DO lift the edges of heaven...a beautiful capture of the solstice moon too...we tried to see the eclipse here but the clouds got in the glad to have both sides now...xo...i shall be singing joni on my walk today...i've looked at life from both sides now...happy happy friday to you, miss rebecca...thanks for igniting my day.

Queenie Believe

Stunning photo and wonderful words.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

peggy gatto

Lovely reflection and lovelier words!!


Hi Rebecca,
Just visiting today, to enjoy your beautiful haiku.:-) Perhaps next Friday I can participate! Have a great weekend! HUGS


Such beautiful words that bring the night sky to life.

abi monroe

Beautiful as always.
Sweet blessings to you my friend X

Fran aka Redondowriter

It is so good a day late to know that you are there, Rebecca, as I know how busy you are. And now I'll take time to visit the others.


Truly magnificent! I feel the calm, the stately power, nature's trees like sentinels on the edge of any horizon, guarding the gates where thoughts and prayers glide by, so many bits of lace.. you say it all.. love your haiku!

Fran aka Redondowriter

It's so weird. I posted this a.m. on Chrome and it didn't "take it." I reposted on Safari and it did. Anyhow, late to the party, but I got here twice.


I hope you are sleeping in...

I have postcards for you.

Susie Clevenger

What a beautiful image and words...than you for the inspiration

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