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December 09, 2011


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Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca... what peace and tranquility here on Haiku My Heart.. a space that I cherish..indeeed..


Oh my goodnes, what a beautiful blue prayer - both the painting as the haiku!

Anthony North

Nice haiku. blue has always been a mystical colour.

Sue Fox

My Darling Rebecca, you must be so tired keeping up the pace with all the Mary and haiku posts! This neon Mary is beckoning me to send oodles of energy vibes your way!

Sue x

Miss Robyn

oops - I put my Mary post in Haiku - of course people will realize that I have no idea how to write Haiku when they go to visit my post.. it's up and it seems I am first with Mary ! woot!

Magical Mystical Teacher

It's only a little bit after 4 a.m. and I'mnot ready! Oh, no! Oh, woe!


Beautiful sentiments...Wonderful pictures!!! Have a wonderful day!

Donna The Woodwife

I signed in with the Haiku first sorry - and while I could write one I don't have time!! Instead you will see a new Mary on my blog!!!


Your blue neon prayer DAZZLES, Rebecca! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


looking for Marys
has given new dimension
to my holidays


thank you for that...


I cannot even begin to offer the kindness that you pass out every day to all who visit here with your beautiful words, artwork and photos.
Glad to mix Haiku My Heart with the Virgins today.
I like the neon blue as well!



I accidentally put my linky in the haiku too! My apologies!


I am having issues this morning haha!! My apologies for the multiple links! <3


Haiku is more difficult than I is posting everyday...but so worth the stretch.
Thank you Rebecca♥♥♥

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Ooops again for me too!! Posted in both the haiku and here. Please forgive...
What an amazing piece of cast concrete!I want THAT in my yard where I can see it every day. I can never have too many reminders.

Noelle Clearwater

Hello Rebecca Dear,
I didn't haiku today. Just too tired. But I my offering is a cherished one and I hope you like it. Your blue madonna is fantastic, neon prayers are probably the new social media in heaven. Who knows perhaps Our Lady is even on facebook. She should be with all of the lost souls there who need attention and love.
Your sacred heart astounds me. I am so moved by that wall frieze. It speaks to me in ways that I can't describe and I would love to use it some time with a poem if I might.
Love and Peace to you today,

Carol (artmusedog)

Lovely visuals and words as usual ~ so gifted ~ i am healing ~ 'Our Lady' is reminding me 'to go lightly' through the day ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)


Fantastic! I love finding surprises like this on the street!



Hi Rebecca,

Sorry, no haiku today. I got confused and posted on both lists. We are on the road to SoCal and plan to visit Olvera Street in L.A. Mary will be everywhere and churches galore. Will have much to share when we return.



Interesting that something can be so bright and yet peaceful at the same time.

elizabeth bunsen

BEautiful blue!

meet me in the poetry tent?

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, I posted both haiku and my version of Mary. Hope I did this right. Anyhow, this blue neon Mary is one that really appeals to me since I love all things blue. I'm going to go back and see if you put where she is located. I would like to see this Mary in person some day.


I love your haiku—and your fabulous neon Virgin! She's wonderful.


dearest one...sadly I have not been able to visit all the virgins. My heart is opened wide with this love. It has been a fantastic experience. Sending thoughts of kindness to all....and hopefully some more blog visits tomorrow.

peggy gatto

Mary looks good in any color!!!!
Another beautiful day, thanks to the artists here and you!!!

Laurie Zuckerman

Love, love, love the Sacred Heart of Mary relief. Where, or where did you find this awesome sculpture? I am late getting my link to today's Mary. Thanks for an amazing Mary ride.


{{ sleepless under the full moon
i come back
to find
so many have visited
~~you know me~~

i do not want to miss
a thing...

i shall B blog*hopping
the week~end long }}

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