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December 16, 2011


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Ramesh Sood

Didn't know how pleasant it feels to be first in something good... well enjoying the feeling to be first here today.. Haiku My Heart has indeed helped me learn to express in lesser words too..Thanks!

Ramesh Sood

Hi Rebecca.. Have tried to change the negative tone of the haiku.. have a look at the changed one.. your comment made me rethink.. I would love your feedback on first entry.. its a poem through a series of connecting haikus..

deb taylor

goodnight, sleep tight, sweet dreams, and walk with me in PEACE

Fran aka Redondowriter

Gorgeous photo, gorgeous words.


golden one,
swirl with me...

xox - eb.

Sue fox

Poetry and picture perfection ....
Now to do my haiku ...
Love to you Sue x


Rebecca, my first instinct was to capture a starry night in haiku this morning, but, as usual the muse had her own way by leading me to a snowy post. I love your haiku today because it collides with my first thoughts! Beautiful words and starry night picture! Blessings,


I know I'm a little late in the game for the Mary haiku...but oh, well! It's almost Christmas :)


Oh, yes, these trees do look like they've been decorated with stars!

(I hope you're feeling better soon - so sorry to read that you are still feeling unwell. Praying for you...)


I love your post today, although Mr Linky seems to be a little big for his boots.

All the best, Boonie

Ms. Moon

Your place an altar
Where we come and gaze and sigh
Such beauty. Thank-you.


I'm not complaining,
snow is finally falling...
but warm here with you



You're my "Lyrical girl, living in a lyrical world." (Sorry Madonna!)

Kay Dennison


Cinda Rae Oliverio

Star Light, Star Bright, I LOVE YOU!, see YOU all later tonight!!!


almost~full moon peeks,
sees no snow in florida.
sends his shine instead...


Lovely post... Beautiful haiku and photo...


It is a beautiful image and I love the idea of stars being the replacement cloak for the leaves that have fallen in November. A cloak of shimmmering stars donned in December by darkening trees. Very nice idea! I like playing with your lovely lyrical lines. Alliteration is so fun.


P.S. no haiku today, a post for a friend instead and everyone else if they care to come by.


That's just some amazing haiku -- perfect for the photo.

Karen Gerstenberger


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