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December 03, 2011


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This is beautiful. There are many faces of many in the snow that is so symbolic of the purity of Mary. Love this.

deb taylor

I am opening my arms to this unique gathering of kindred spirits to give and receive the love, compassion, support and understanding we share together, for each other and for ourselves each day.

Donna The Woodwife

Gorgeous snowy virgin. Our Lady of the Snows!!


Peace and love sent your way as you send it to all humanity through your words and work. I love the snowy statue. We are expecting snow later today, the first "measurable" amount this year, so they say. Mary is beautiful always, but her cloak of soft whiteness makes her even more so.


Magical Mystical Teacher

You speak of disillusionment in passing this morning, yet I know it intimately...

The Rosary Lady

Absolutely beautiful. I am so enjoying being a part of this wonderful offering!

Peace be with you, today and always!

elizabeth bunsen


so beautiful Rebecca,

xox - eb.

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Oh! What beautiful images and poetry to start the day with! It is like a giant hug full of warmth and all the love you'd ever need.


miss rebecca - i am touched by your prayerful have such a deep well of spirit...xo


I needed to come sit with you before I head back out into the cold...stay warm and content my dear. This gathering is blooming like those roses.


Carol (artmusedog)

Loving your photos ~ they 'say' so much ~ thank you for hosting this ~ It is filling my heart with joy and even more joy to participate ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)


My heart is filled by the incredible amount of love I find here. Rebecca thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just love Our Lady of the Snows and your words shore me up for the day ahead. Honestly, you need to write a book. You've got so much to give to the world with your words.

Noelle Clearwater

Dear rebecca,
I love this tension of opposites that you have offered here, this life journey of doubled footprints, ours and Our Lady's, strewn with the rose petals of Joy, Sorrow, Disillusionment, Compassion, Inclusion, Understanding and ultimately Belonging. May we all be assure that though the path may be at times bright, and others dark ~ sometimes even, and sometimes rocky ~ there is always a warm hand of profound love and caring reaching out from beyond the white veil of morning and the dark languid cloak of night to lead us home.
Thank you for your place in my heart always

Mama Zen

This filled me with peace.

peggy gatto

Good morning!
A beautiful way to begin my day, thank you.

Hettienne Grobler

This post took my breath away, literally. The symbolism of the stone and the snow and the bleeding flowers in the white of the snow are so so powerful! awesome in its deepest sense.


The most arresting poetry I've read...simply beautiful, Rebecca.


I am always happy to come here and even happier when I've read your words. Just wonderful Rebecca.


Love your poem, Rebecca—and this beautiful Lady of the Snow.

Sue Fox

I'm late on the list today, nearly bedtime, what a peaceful vision 'snow and roses', and then your words, like a lullaby...

night night dears....

Sue x

Noelle Clearwater

Thank you for always saying the right thing. I love you. She is back up, the maiden with the beautiful hands :)


Simply beautiful Rebecca!Your words are always so uplifting! Thank you!


As I read this, I could not help but think of St. Bernadette in Lourdes, FR. When all doubted her, in the dead of winter Holy Mother woke the rose bushes from their sleep for all to see in glorious bloom.

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